Libra Horse Man

The Libra-Horse man is the personification of stability, reliability and tranquility. He is very friendly, and so there are always a lot of friends and acquaintances around him. His inner world is completely balanced, and he keeps all his feelings under lock and key. That’s why it’s very rare to see him angry or angry. Together with this, one can not help but note his optimism, which he circulates around him.

These men are real masters in communication. Even envious and unpleasant men they can adjust to a positive communication with them. They are often lucky in business and personal life, which can also turn other people away from them, but again, by the power of the gift to convince them, they can exclude such feelings. They are wonderful organizers, they can lead men. Such skill noticeably distinguishes them from the crowd, which they like very much.

By nature they are bright personalities, but their bright abilities elevate them above others. And this can give rise to selfishness, arrogance. They should constantly control their feelings, so as not to become hostages of their own character. Otherwise, they are delicate and decent men who often use their charm, which makes them especially successful in realizing almost all life ideas.

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Libra Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

To get acquainted with him will not be a difficult affair, but it takes time to enter into his trust and build relationships. He is attentive to new people. In love, he is romantic and welcomes any such gestures from his beloved side. With him, each will be easy and simple, because he, unlike other guys, does not impose unrealistic demands on his beloved woman.

The search for true love often becomes his main goal in life. In relations, he seems a shrewd partner and can guess the mood and desires of his lover. It is important for him to approve of her, so he will try to do so to please her in every detail. However, it is not necessary to feel his patience for a long time, because sooner or later it can end. Fortunately, his anger passes very quickly.

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Libra-Man, born in the Horse year, in the Bed

It is simply impossible to resist his charms. This is a charming guy who knows the weaknesses of women and skillfully uses them. Intimate sphere for him means a lot, because through them he gets the opportunity to express himself and tell his feelings about the body language. Romanticism is his main feature, so he can spend a lot of time in order to create the appropriate atmosphere.

He is very important training, which must be done at a high level. And sometimes the prelude becomes more important for him than the process itself. Therefore, this need to pay attention. In intimate relationships, he completely relies on his partner and her experience. He rarely becomes their initiator, adhering to conservative views. Nevertheless, he is ready for a different kind of experiments and new experiences.

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Libra Horse Man in Family and Marriage

He is literally created for marriage and family. He is very attentive, caring and skillfully managed with all household chores. This is an excellent owner who will keep everything in the house in order. His wife, he will indulge in exquisite gifts or dishes, all his free time doing business at home. In other words, it can become a real treasure for a woman who strives to create a friendly and warm family.

He is an excellent adviser and will be a reliable companion of life to his wife. Having met his love, he remains faithful to her all his life. Therefore, his betrayal is never foreseen. From it turns out a wonderful father who will pay much attention to his children and surround them with care and love. In any case, the family for him becomes the main thing in life and for her, he can sacrifice his career and hobbies.

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Horse Libra Man — Career and Finance

Success, combined with positive and strong character aspects, allows them to achieve good positions. They do their job well, which puts them in the role of candidates for the best positions. Thanks to this they achieve excellent results quickly enough. In addition, they are excellent financiers. They can invest their own and others’ money, getting the maximum profit. This causes only ecstasy and surprise of others.

These men should carefully choose the sphere to realize their abilities. If they are determined with their vocation, they will easily achieve their goals. Otherwise life will be a bit more complicated. You can not always just work, sometimes you need to arrange holidays and just rest to restore strength, to stay with close people. Reasonable work is a guarantee of their health.

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