Sagittarius Horse Man

The Sagittarius-Horse man bears his dream, not looking around, and almost always reaches it. To talk him out of something is almost impossible. However, as soon as one goal is fulfilled, another one appears and so on. Therefore, he is always in motion, active, full of new emotions and is ready to infect his people with enthusiasm around him. He is very intelligent, original and loves to surround himself with a lot of friends and acquaintances.

These loves are always surrounded by friends and close people. They never lose heart, they always face difficulties with a smile, and joy with sparkling laughter. That’s why other men are so passionate about them. Charm also plays to their advantage, making them pets in any society. At the same time they are fickle in affections, doing some things. It is difficult for them to concentrate on one lesson for too long.

By nature, these men are rational and emotional. They themselves do not always understand how quickly they switch from one emotion to another. With bright intuition, they can not always help themselves, helping only other people. If they find a gift in themselves, it is worth working on the proper application of it. They are impatient and do not take someone else’s opinion or desires into account. They are characterized by rigidity in relation to other people, especially close ones.

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Sagittarius Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Despite the fact that from the outside it may seem too windy and shallow, this is not so. He is very honored by the tradition and tries to find a reliable and stable partner. He creates the image of his beloved woman in his dreams and tries to find it in real life. This is not always possible, but he rarely despairs and also continues to walk through life with enthusiasm and indomitable optimism.

In love, he behaves impulsively and emotionally. He easily falls in love and in these moments can decide on very rash and extravagant deeds. At the same time, it can not be stopped by anything, since feelings completely overwhelm him and fill his inner world. But such emotions tend to fade, and he himself quickly cools. Therefore, his novels are often short-lived.

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Sagittarius-Man, born in the Horse year, in the Bed

Despite his imperious nature, and also his love to command, he does not always try to pretend to be in the main roles in bed. This he leaves to his partner, who can feel like a real seductress. At the same time, he will not remain silent when his needs are not met. He likes to tell the truth in person, how cruel she was not. Therefore, his partner will have to get used to very stinging remarks.

In intimate relationships, he behaves as impulsively as in other areas of life. This is a very passionate partner who delicately experiences all the feelings, emotions and restrain them he is not used to. He is liberal enough in his views, so he can easily decide to make love in a non-standard and unexpected place. He adores every possible risk and adrenaline that excites him easily.

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Sagittarius Horse Man in Family and Marriage

From it you get a hospitable host, who loves to receive guests and surround them with unforgettable warmth and comfort. However, in everyday life, he does not like to spend a lot of time at home and do other household chores. So often he can not come to dinner, forgetting about him. But children and wife will not be offended, because sometimes he will take them to a cafe and allow them to choose any dish, which they will be unspeakably happy about.

All his restlessness and irrepressibility passes when he marries. He loves his family and tries to honor all of its traditions and values. Therefore, in practice, it is rare to find a divorced representative of this sign. Despite the fact that he is very fond of flirting and communicating with the opposite sex, it is simply impossible to find a partner more faithful. He can be trusted with all the secrets that he will keep secret.

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Horse Sagittarius Man — Career and Finance

The career plans of these men are not always clear to themselves. They can make a career, but they are not always ready to plan their actions. As a result, they themselves suffer from their duality, not achieving life priorities. They do not belong to the lucky ones, so they are unlikely to be in the right place to get all the benefits. Therefore, everything can be achieved by stable and persistent work.

They should constantly engage in self-development, seek their abilities and their application. They are not gifted people, but they can develop the most vivid opportunities for receiving all life’s benefits. It is not necessary to follow the path of emotionality, as this does not always help them to establish communication. To listen to someone else’s opinion, desires are necessary, as this is the basis for good relations with friends and close people.

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