Scorpio Horse Man

The Scorpio-Horse man is distinguished by his sociability, friendliness, and knows how to do several things at the same time, and, moreover, he does it perfectly. He has high working capacity, good health and an iron grip. As a rule, he always achieves what he wants, but for this he needs to set goals. He does not like to waste his powers, so he always chooses the most optimal ways.

These men need to practice self-improvement throughout their life. They can ignore this fact, but it can lead to a chaotic lifestyle, problems in communication and other spheres of life. They can establish any communication, because they are diplomatic, sensitive and attentive to the interlocutor. At the same time, they find it difficult to tune in to regularity in everything, since the volatility of nature pushes them to ill-considered actions.

These men have a balanced character — with bad and good traits. They combine goodness with callousness, generosity with stinginess and other opposing traits of character. At the same time they have a balanced stable character, which in many ways helps them to achieve good communication, career positions and marital status. With them, you do not have to wait for surprises, only multiple thoughtful changes.

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Scorpio Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

The most important thing for him is to find a reliable and stable partner who could show him his loyalty. To carry away it with short-term and resort romances is simply impossible, since to love he takes very seriously. At the same time, no woman can stand before his inborn enchantment. He always has enough fans, but he treats them indifferently.

Conquer his heart can only confident and as strong a girl as he is. Sometimes she shows to her lover a lot of demands, which he can not do. Find a common language with him is difficult, but in return he can give a lot. In love, he seems to be a very caring, considerate partner and even ready for many sacrifices for the sake of the girl. Of course, if he thinks his partner is worthy of such sacrifices on his part.

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Scorpio-Man, born in the Horse year, in the Bed

He is a very sensual and emotional partner. He likes to live in his sensual world and completely dissolve in the enjoyment received. By nature, he is given unique abilities, thanks to which he can easily excite a woman, only to him in known ways. Therefore, no woman can resist him. To impress him, you should take a closer look at the room and create a romantic atmosphere in it.

Intimate relationships for him are in the first place in his life. If they do not arrange it, then displeasure and depression can be shifted to other areas of his life and relationship with his lover. So, he can become irritable, overly demanding and so on. Therefore, he needs a partner who can understand all his needs and needs and will try to implement them in bed.

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Scorpio Horse Man in Family and Marriage

Live with him under one roof will not be easy. He loves equal relations, and will often insist on his opinion and decision. This may not be to the taste of many women, but this is his character and nothing can be changed. However, he will not be able to get used to a weakly and soft woman. Therefore, he needs a strong and confident woman who will necessarily listen to his opinion.

I must say that in marriage he is ready even for serious concessions, preferring to keep peace in the family. This sphere becomes for him the most important and the main thing in life. For her sake, he is ready to give up his career and devote himself only to home affairs. This is the most faithful and faithful husband who will never be interested in various adventures on the side. This will be observed even if he is not satisfied with the relationship.

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Horse Scorpio Man — Career and Finance

They often make quick and irrevocable take-off on the career ladder. A constant take-off in their understanding is a position that will be occupied for many years. They always cause admiration from colleagues and close people, because they fearlessly go to the goal. At the same time, they can demonstrate not just interest in the sphere in which they make a career, but will simply want money.

These men always need to consider each of their decisions, make choices after careful analysis. This will allow you to achieve more harmony with yourself and the world. It is important to change the direction more often, do not stop at one achievement. Emotions, opinions and desires of other people should become for them not an empty sound, but an opportunity to learn something. It’s worth working on yourself to make life easier.

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