Taurus Horse Man

Taurus-Horse man is very rarely hovers in the clouds and his fantasies. He stands firmly on the ground and is used to soberly assess any situation. In addition, he has good analytical skills, so he often holds high positions, builds a career, knows how to invest, while reducing the risk to a minimum. In general, this is an open, honest and kind guy with whom others can easily find a common language.

These men have a very difficult life. On the one hand, they can only realize the good sides of the character, but most often they take the negative qualities. To prevent this from happening, they should improve themselves more. The path of self-improvement will be difficult, and they will often give up. But having reached a certain level, they can be very successful in all respects.

The character is complex, determined by a combination of signs. They choose complex ways to achieve their goals. On their way, often difficult situations and people. On the one hand, overcoming difficulties can positively affect their character, but it quickly depresses and depletes mentally. To prevent this from happening, they change the situation, life situations, but all these changes are temporary, as nature takes it up.

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Taurus Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

As in all his life in personal relationships, he seeks stability and reliability. Therefore, he will not be attracted by fleeting novels that can not lead to anything serious and long. From the outside it may seem that it is cold and unapproachable. In fact, this is not so, because in relations he acts as a loving, kind and considerate partner. In addition, he puts his love in one of the main places in his life.

As a rule, he always with care starts a new relationship. Only an attentive and caring partner helps him to fully open and relax, with which he can feel safe. Therefore, building a relationship with him is very important to be reserved for a lot of patience. But all efforts will fully justify themselves, as it is simply impossible to find a more reliable, honest and faithful companion of life.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Horse year, in the Bed

It may seem that he is very reserved, cold and sometimes even insecure. However, this can be argued by a woman who did not enter into an intimate relationship with him, because here he is used to expressing himself differently. This is a passionate, sensual and emotional partner, for whom the bed is a good way to show your feelings. But to incline him to such a relationship will take a long time.

He pays much attention to his mistress, wanting to please her. But at the same time, he does not forget about his needs and needs. In bed, he prefers leadership, but he will not mind if the partner sometimes takes the initiative. He adheres to standard views in bed, so he takes a very cautious attitude to experiments of various kinds, as well as new experiences.

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Taurus Horse Man in Family and Marriage

He is a very homely person, who is pleasantly in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Therefore, he can spend all his energy in order to furnish his house and create a proper atmosphere in it. He is very fond of children and from it a loving and attentive father is obtained. With all his relatives and wife, he tries to maintain an even relationship, and betrayal on his part is never foreseen.

In marriage, he appears as a caring and considerate spouse, who will always be on the side of his wife. Here he prefers to occupy a leading position, skilfully managing all household chores. One can not help but note his excessive obstinacy, so sometimes it is almost impossible to agree with him. It would have been nice for him to entrust the family budget, since he knows how to manage finances perfectly.

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Horse Taurus Man — Career and Finance

These men like to set themselves global goals. Putting such tasks, they do everything halfway. It is difficult for them to keep their attention for a long time in one sphere. This is the case with the career, as they tend to try many areas, which also leads to exhaustion and a complete reluctance to do something. They need to decide on career plans in their youth, then to implement their plans without changing decisions.

These men find it difficult to tune in to positive relationships with other people, but only the relationship will allow them to feel themselves not just an individual, but part of some kind of system. It does not always appeal to them, but it is through this that they can achieve a sense of happiness. It is difficult to please them, but they should seek happiness in everyday events, and not in something grandiose. Set yourself small goals.

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