Aquarius Monkey Man

Aquarius-Monkey man always has a bright personality. He is not characterized by fussiness and the desire to become the center of attention. The fact is that he always goes the way he defines for himself. In addition, he has an excellent intuition, which allows him to achieve good results in this or that field. He is always in a great mood and surrounded by numerous friends.

They will constantly experience difficulties of personal growth. They should constantly engage in self-development of their best character traits in order to find harmony. Otherwise, another crisis can lead them to depression. And this for this solar sign is fatal. Criticism and introspection should be in moderation so that they do not interfere with the movement forward. Otherwise, they will not succeed.

By nature, these are winners who have strong will, purposeful and understanding what they need from men and life. This understanding gives them the opportunity to feel support. They are well-developed, their erudition is so amazing that they attract highly intelligent men. Their serious drawback is the lack of flexibility, which leads to difficulties in communication, career building, personal development.

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Aquarius Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he attracts everything new and unusual. He constantly needs to see the changes in the relationship, so as not to get bored. In addition, he is always surrounded by fans and often does not try to choose one of the total mass. And the thing is that he is looking for a new experience that can be found with different women. This is not impermanence, but a desire to simply understand the essence of the relationship. However, this attitude to love does not suit a woman.

He has an ambiguous understanding of love, for example, he often believes that love is not a feeling for two. He can also understand love as friendship. It should be noted that friendly feelings for him are often much more important than love. That’s why it’s hard to understand where love begins, and where friendship ends. This approach often makes the choice of one partner an impossible task.

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Aquarius-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

He loves everything unusual in bed. Often uses imagination to get vivid satisfaction. Also, it can be the use of several unconventional methods to understand how much they can give pleasure. He is sensual, therefore he expects affection from the partner and touch. It is necessary to constantly invent everything new with him, so that he feels happy and satisfied.

Intimate life for him is also quite a difficult moment. The fact is that he understands this sphere as a necessary component and determines love. As a result, in order to find your second half often goes to all serious. He can often change his partner, if he understands that the girl is not his ideal. In addition, his intellect is too developed to find a partner for his level and needs.

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Aquarius Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

He is very fond of children and always tries to make them bold and kind. He can spend a lot of time with them, forgetting about his wife. However, if she offers him a joint entertainment, a hobby, they will be able to find a common language. Such a marriage will be somewhat unusual, but they will be interested in each other. This is how he sees his marriage. Unusual understanding of marriage can repel, but also attract.

He always tries to find a variety in life, so it is difficult to concentrate on family concerns. In addition, he hardly does his homework. But it can be completely tamed and attracted, if it is interesting to the girl. She must attract him, he must always try to learn more about her. In this case, marriage turns for him into something extraordinary, attractive and requiring his mental powers.

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Monkey Aquarius Man — Career and Finance

They know how to make a career. To do this, they use a variety of methods. Most often this is their experience, erudition and charm. The financial side of life does not cause them any difficulties and problems. They just need to learn to save a little, not to count a penny before the next receipt of funds. Only this recommendation can become significant for them. In the rest they perfectly achieve everything by themselves.

These men need to give up criticism in their address, as this often leads to depression. You can not give all the forces of a career, it is necessary to find other points of support — it’s walking, playing sports and much more. If they can find something other than work, they can feel really happy. In the rest they can achieve harmony and happiness on their own, remembering one small note.

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