Aries Monkey Man

The Aries-Monkey man is attractive to the opposite sex, but for him they are just good friends or sworn enemies. And it’s all about his attractive appearance. With completely ordinary external data, it can seem exquisitely beautiful and unusual, especially if it has a mood to have fun. In relationships, he can demonstrate a variety of feelings and qualities, depending on his goals.

They are many-sided. They are ready to play any role, and they really like it. at first sight they seem reckless, but any changes, a change in the conditions of life, are thoroughly analyzed by them. They never take action without first weighing all the advantages and disadvantages. However, they should set real goals for themselves and do not overstate the bar. In this case, the results will only please.

By nature, these men are distinguished by diligence, strong will and purposefulness. They are talented and capable, so they can set themselves the boldest goals. For all the inconsistency, they do not take just a few cases. They are thoughtful, intelligent and conscious. For their happiness they need to feel themselves at the center of events and changes. They should learn to take a positive view of criticism in order not to spoil relations.

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Aries Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

His attitude towards love is quite certain. He is romantic, so he likes long courtship and attention to his partner. If He really likes him, then he is unlikely to look for adventure on the side. But, even strongly falling in love, he will pay attention to the material state of the chosen one. Such contradictions can not but attract the attention of women to it.

His chosen one should remember that he is always ready for new adventures, this can be of interest to him. He can not always show feelings, and therefore takes an indifferent kind from time to time, but that does not mean that they are not peculiar to him. He is passionate and responsive to any kindness, but more often than not falling in love with him is to feel himself toned. About the partner he thinks little and besides, he always high demands to her.

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Aries-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

Often, bed becomes for him a means to achieve certain goals. However, he will not consider this something shameful. He can pretend to be weak and defenseless in order to achieve what he so wants. Of course, with age, all these throwings pass, and he appreciates the only woman, but the time of youth takes place in such vivid events frequent changes of partners, ingenuity, extravagance in bed.

He loves intimacy. He likes the relaxed and charming partner. He chooses an exclusively feminine and tender girl. It is common for him to change his partner, as every new date can give him something unusual. He is quite energetic in bed and can invent something unusual. Such qualities are very popular with girls, and he uses it without hesitation and hesitation.

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Aries Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

With all the necessary components of a happy marriage in his understanding, one can expect full return from him. He will look after his wife, demonstrate the best sides of character. Something here is from hypocrisy, but all his thoughts are good. And for children, he has sincere feelings, cherishes them and pampers. But at the same time he brings up excellent. This man is ideal for those who plan to have a full-fledged family.

He marries only after careful calculation. He knows what his partner should be like, what she should have. In particular, he is looking for not only a good wife, but also a faithful friend, an excellent lover. At the same time, it is important for him that his wife gives him as much attention as possible. She must remember all the important dates for him, his affairs. She should praise him and encourage him as a little child. Then he will be happy.

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Monkey Aries Man — Career and Finance

The career plans of these men should always be under strict control. They will be able to achieve good results if they correctly assess their strengths, select a suitable profession. Even if they choose something unsuitable, they will be able to understand this and change course. They treat money with ease. It is important for them to have them, but they will not try too hard to make them for them. They are important in the implementation of goals, and then money.

These men are recommended to stop for a moment and think about their internal state. Usually it is difficult for them to appreciate, so spiritual development is important for them. But this is exactly what they need. They will be able to feel comfortable, engaged in contemplation, and not only active activities. When setting goals, they should evaluate their strengths, because an excessively high bar can lead to disappointment.

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