Capricorn Monkey Man

Capricorn-Monkeys men combine in themselves, it would seem, contradictory qualities. They are responsible, like order and strictness in their life. For all this, they are sociable enough, mobile and sometimes can be very changeable. They can perfectly approach both creative professions, and assuming routine and hard work. With all this they will be able to cope well and show themselves as real professionals.

These men always find themselves in strange situations. They love to experiment, so they are drawn to adventure, where there is an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity. They do not tolerate routine, often routine life leads them to depression, from which they can not go out for years. They will be able to overcome their negative emotions only by traveling, abandoning the established stable life. In some cases this will be the only correct decision for them.

By nature, these individuals are an alloy of a variety of qualities. Depending on the situation, they can demonstrate softness, rigidity, unscrupulousness and scrupulousness. They are endowed with numerous talents in the creative field. If they can find their calling, their lives will be full of different events, which they so lack. They need to learn to use their imagination and imagination in real life.

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Capricorn Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he is restless and overly active. He is constantly in search of a beloved woman, so he can change his partners quite often. But at the same time he tries to keep good relations with each of them, which is a real talent. Despite the external windy, this is a very good and kind person who will never use another person for his own mercenary purposes.

In personal relationships, he manifests himself as a caring and considerate partner who can always help with good advice or action. However, sometimes he can become too conservative and stubborn, refusing any offer. Yes, it is far from easy and simple to establish relations with him, but in return he will let know and feel his partner that she is really a girl he really likes.

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Capricorn-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

In intimate relationships, he can also behave in two ways. On the one hand, he treats them like an ordinary physical act and does not put them first in his life. On the other hand, he is quite emotional, sensitive and used to get real pleasure from such relationships. All women have such a taste for such attitude, which makes it extraordinarily desirable in their eyes.

He is such a person, who can dramatically change plans and the whole mood. So, from contented and affectionate, he can suddenly become indifferent and cold. It can hurt girls pretty much, but this only inflames their passion. He loves everything new and extravagant, so he can happily start various experiments. The only condition is that he needs a reliable and stable partner, whom he will trust in all 90%.

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Capricorn Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

Initially, marriage for him is not the main goal in his life. Yes, he wants to build stable and reliable relations, but prefers to do it already at a more mature age. Then in marriage, he acts as a caring and affectionate partner, with whom you can safely and fun together through life. He quickly becomes attached to the house and to his close people, for which sake he is ready for much.

Career is the reason why he can neglect family responsibilities. At the same time, he will not regret it, and make any reproaches to his wife. All his actions are often conscious, and he has an excellent idea of all the results. A good father also comes from him, who can devote all his free time to his children and teach them how to plan their time and at the same time enjoy life.

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Monkey Capricorn Man — Career and Finance

Career plans for them mean a lot, but only if they meet their inner needs to find the unusual in life. They should feel realized, but this will have to try many areas of activity. The financial side of life means little to them, as they are aimed at other areas of life. Often even comfort does not attract them, if they have something to study, to satisfy their interests.

These men are encouraged to learn how to communicate. It is necessary to seek a compromise in any relationship so that all parties are comfortable. To be loved, enough to love someone. In this case, they will feel the attraction of family life. To understand another person, it’s enough to put yourself in his place. This ability will allow them to be at the height of the situation in any situation, even losing.

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