Gemini Monkey Man

The original, wayward, attractive and incredibly mobile Gemini-Monkey man is always in the public eye. He easily gets acquainted, loves to talk and build his intellect and abilities. One can not help noticing his extraordinary activity, since he can appear in several places at once in a short period, remake his affairs and perform them at a high level.

These men do not think their life without risk and adventure. They like dangers and intrigues and often devote their lives to these exciting events. They do not value the results of their actions, but simply like to be participants in the process. They often change the conditions of their lives in order to gain new sensations, to learn about the new facets of life. They like to fantasize, which can make them hermits.

By nature, these individuals are fickle, like exciting events. They tend to find new adventures, to take risks only to feel comfortable. Recklessness often prevents them from achieving certain goals. They can give up their goals if they see a chance to take a chance. They have the makings of a leader, so they often carry the masses into the most unwise intrigues and risky enterprises.

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Gemini Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

It is rarely boring with him — he can come up with hundreds of entertainments, turn everyday life upside down and carry away another person. He is playful, distinguished by an easy character and very fond of the attention of the opposite sex. Therefore, getting acquainted with him will not be a difficult affair, but not everyone can continue them, because to sustain such a rhythm of life can be difficult.

It is impossible not to note his softness, which he shows to people close to him. In love, he appears as a caring, kind and gentle partner. Almost always he is in a good mood, than carries people around him. Despite the reliability shown to him, he does not mind flirting with other female representatives. It is important to understand that this is part of his nature and demonstrates his sociability.

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Gemini-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

Intimate relationships for him are an important part of his life. Here he adheres to liberal views, without constraining himself with any framework. Together with this, he makes quite serious demands for his partner. In particular, this corresponds to its own rhythm, which looks quite intense. It is worth noting that not every woman can sustain it.

He is very fond of new experiences and all sorts of experiments. In view of his curiosity and love to comprehend something new, he often becomes the initiator of various games. In intimate relations he prefers to lead, but he can give the palm to his partner. Of course, in doing so, it must fully comply with its ideal, which in practice happens rarely.

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Gemini Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

With household chores he is governed in an instant, therefore the house at it always shines and pleases with the order. From it turns out a caring husband who will delve into the affairs of his wife and help her solve them. He loves to receive guests, decorating the house and creating the appropriate environment. But he hates routine and constantly sitting at home, he can fall into a big depression, because he needs the air as a change.

Its only drawback as a husband is the lack of ability to manage the family budget, which can scatter on the day of pay. Therefore, it is better to shift this sphere onto the shoulders of the wife. He treats children well, dealing with them and playing various games. But unlike other men, he does not focus his life on them alone, giving himself the opportunity to live his own life and not forget about his desires and hobbies.

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Monkey Gemini Man — Career and Finance

It’s hard for these men to make a career. On the one hand, they have much to achieve their goals. On the other hand, they waste their energy on the pursuit of the unrealizable. They can not long to deal with one thing that will keep them in one place, so it’s hard to say what they achieve in the career plan. Financial position can be stable if their desire to risk they turn into a profession.

These men need to learn to be right and relevant in this situation. If they analyze their actions, calculate the consequences, their lives can be more stable and meaningful. You can not endanger other people’s lives, you can only risk your own. Dreams should not be prevalent, you need to be more careful in setting goals and implementing them.

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