Leo Monkey Man

The Leo-Monkey man is a guy with a broad soul who shows generosity, custody of the surrounding people. It is very pleasant to communicate with him, as he is cheerful, unusual and ready to help with his advice and attention. He likes everything new, so he has many hobbies and activities, during which he feels alive. In view of this, it can be difficult to stay in one place and engage in monotonous and boring things.

They are impulsive men with an explosive character. They always try to lead the life, forgetting that in some cases it is enough to let go of the reins. Leo-Monkey men are very energetic, but all this energy is directed to mundane goals. They do not set themselves global goals, everything is as simple as their desires. These men do not like it if someone does not obey them, tries to slip away from their power.

By nature, these are modest and hardworking men. They differ indecisiveness, unwillingness to take responsibility. They like to be dominant over other people. Receiving different opportunities to become successful, at the most crucial moment they do not take the final decision, missing good luck. If they do not learn to be more determined, their lives will be full of routine and misunderstanding.

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Leo Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

It stands out favorably among the rest. He likes to dress beautifully, flirt with women and that’s why he always has a lot of fans. When he starts a new novel, he rarely thinks about what he wants from him. He is used to living feelings and rely only on them. Therefore, he is often inclined to change his beloved, especially in his youth. With age, he settles down and seeks a stable and reliable relationship.

It should be noted that this is a very sincere person. He is generous with emotions and feelings, so his beloved will be endowed with increased attention and love. And all these feelings will come from his heart, because he is not used to dissemble and play any role. In love, he is even ready for risky decisions and deeds. However, he must also feel the return, otherwise he can change his attitude.

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Leo-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

He likes to make discoveries and learn something new. Therefore, the intimate sphere is of great interest to him. He likes to make love and for the sake of a new experience, even inclined to change partners often. This is the most charming partner who can easily excite a girl without much difficulty. In bed, he can often take the whole initiative, sending his partner in the right direction.

But, an uninitiated partner also does not suit him, he is in search of a real woman. He is a very affectionate and affectionate partner. He likes to get new experience and therefore he is ready for experiments. However, he has one drawback — he can completely concentrate only on himself and forget about the needs of his woman. About this he should subtly hint, but never express in a rude form.

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Leo Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

As a rule, he is not in a hurry to get married. He understands that this means limiting his freedom, when he can not flirt with other girls. However, with age, he is more in search of a stable and reliable partner, so he may decide to start a family. In marriage, he acts as an affectionate and cordial partner. He will settle down a bit, and will try to spend more time in the family.

However, he can not completely abandon all his hobbies and hobbies. True happiness for him comes with the appearance of children, whom he will educate in a democratic style. For the sake of them he will often arrange entertainment, call their friends home and take a walk. With his wife, he also tries to build an even relationship, but due to his love for leadership and primacy, there may be minor differences.

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Monkey Leo Man — Career and Finance

The career plans of these men are not always clearly defined. On the one hand they are hardworking, but they are looking for a job that will be easy and simple. They just need to evaluate their talents and abilities, as well as their desires to choose the right sphere of activity. Only after this it is necessary to plan further life. The financial side of life is difficult for them. On the one hand, they know how to save money, but they do it as unwise as they plan the budget.

They often have moments of downtime in life. They should use such moments to study themselves, their talents and abilities. Negative life events should not have such importance for them, as it turns out. Energy and activity are better to direct to creation, limiting their desire to be active again. This will preserve and improve relationships with other people.

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