Libra Monkey Man

The Libra-Monkey man is a very cheerful person, with whom it is easy to find a common language. Almost everything in his life he looks with a positive and even knows how to spread it around him. It is impossible not to mention his energy, thanks to which he can achieve a lot in life. The only thing that can be prevented from it is disbelief in one’s own strength, as well as indecision, which is also its main feature.

These men are generally successful and prosperous, but they often face many difficulties in life. This is due to the nature of their nature. To overcome all difficulties, they need to go through all the difficulties and gain experience. Difficulties they experience especially strongly and deeply because of the emotional nature of their nature. But at the same time they understand that data over the situation allows them to become stronger.

By nature, these are contradictory personalities. They combine incongruous traits of character, which often prevent them from moving forward. Unpredictability creates a certain charm, but for them this is a negative quality, because they can not reach a good position because of this for a long time. They are rarely accepted as partners, considered unreliable, although they are stable, responsible and disciplined.

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Libra Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

It is simply impossible not to fall in love with him. He has a natural charm and a special charm. He needs personal relationships like air, where he can show his concern, and also feel loved. If this does not happen, then he can feel extremely unhappy. One can not help but note his romanticism, which is why he will gladly accept any such gestures from the fans.

In love, he demonstrates such qualities as reliability, diligence and constancy. Therefore, to start a short-lived resort romance with him simply will not succeed. His beloved, he is willing to pay much attention, and will also be a good adviser. He is very soft with people close to him, so they can often sit on his neck. But his patience may one day end, and his anger can have destructive power.

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Libra-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

Seduction is something with which he has been very good at a very young age. An intimate sphere, like love, also occupies an important place in his life. He prefers long foreplay, where he can fully enjoy the attention of the partner. However, the process for him may not play such an important role. Therefore, if you want to give him the maximum pleasure, it is necessary to take into account this moment.

But in order to make love, it is very important for him to create a certain atmosphere. It can be a romantic dinner, lighted candles and so on. In intimate relations, he does not pretend to be the main role, preferring to give the whole initiative to his partner. To the new experience and experiments he is positive and not at all conservative. But before that it is important to enlist his trust, demonstrating his reliability.

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Libra Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

He likes to do household chores, decorate his house, making it cozy and pleasant. He loves when his wife indulges in various dishes, the preparation of which he can spend even the whole day. But then, this is the ideal husband, which women can only dream of. From it turns out and the remarkable father who will carefully observe the schedule of feeding, to be engaged with children and to bring up them with the big love.

He is a fine master, but he will demand attention from his wife. If he does not receive it, he can radically change his behavior and appear quite differently. But for this, it really needs to be brought, since it has unlimited patience. Family really means a lot to him and for her, he can sacrifice all his hobbies.

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Monkey Libra Man — Career and Finance

The career path will be full of difficulties. They will persevere forward, even with numerous difficulties. They perceive difficulties as an opportunity to become better. As a result, these men still succeed. Opponents should take the view that these men have come to this world to win and will certainly achieve this goal. They are difficult to get out of balance and from their own way. And such perseverance is usually rewarded.

They need to deal more easily with the complexities, do not experience them so deeply. It is necessary to understand that pain is also a lesson, which will necessarily lead to positive. At such times it is better to open up, rather than keep everything inside. They should learn to relax and relax, as these moments are able to give much more than constant stress. Otherwise, their line of behavior deserves only praise.

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