Sagittarius Monkey Man

Sagittarius-Monkey man is friendly and pleasant character. He literally attracts people around him, with whom he builds a close relationship. He can easily succeed in any activity due to his logical abilities, as well as the ability to see the goal before him and develop ways to achieve it. But he used to set too high goals, which can take a long time.

These men always walk with the times. For them, practice is much more valuable than theory. They achieve all their goals using modern technologies. They set themselves ambitious plans, which they usually embody. At the same time, they are not content with the average result and try to squeeze out 200% of the benefits from each case. Usually they succeed in such endeavors, because on their side they have experience and knowledge.

They are strong, intelligent men with personal opinions about each event. They do not descend to intrigue and all the dishonorable not only on the path to fame and in everyday life. They are distinguished by wisdom even in their youth, they are not developed according to years, so they can achieve excellent results to mature age. They are kind, resolute and just. For these men, traditions and customs play a big role, so they value family values highly.

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Sagittarius Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Extravagant, attractive, sociable and aware of the price, he rarely remains ignored by the opposite sex. Due to his sociability, he has many female fans who are trying to build relationships with him. But this is not possible for everyone. The main reason is overestimated requirements for your partner, which is almost impossible to satisfy in real life.

He wants her to have many positive qualities and merits. This prevents him from building a relationship and becoming truly happy. He loves and commands, which many girls do not like. Despite all this, he does not lose attraction in their eyes. Fortunately, with age he understands that in personal relationships one has to put up with the shortcomings of each other.

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Sagittarius-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

Emotionality, extravagance — its main features in intimate relationships. He is not used to concealing his feelings and is able to openly express them without embarrassment. I must say that such quality, as shyness, can be very rarely met with him. On the contrary, he seems to be a very experienced and confident man, even if his inner sensation is very different from this.

In bed, he prefers to occupy a leading position, completely relaxing and relying on the received emotions and feelings. For all that, he does not forget about his partner, who also wants to deliver complete enjoyment. He needs the same free-looking girl, like himself. He likes learning something new, experiencing unusual emotions and receiving real satisfaction.

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Sagittarius Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

He has an amazing ability to dispel all the clouds, creating an optimistic mood in the house. He intuitively feels everyone’s mood. It will be almost impossible to quarrel with him at the domestic level, since he is not particularly obsessed with it. Despite all his love and special attitude, even with the advent of children, he will not give up his hobbies and will try to continue his career and the embodiment of his goals and desires.

Due to his overstated requirements for a partner, he marries in adulthood. This is a good approach, since he begins to treat the family and his duties differently. He really takes care of every member of his family, trying to guess their needs and needs. This is an affectionate and considerate partner who will support his family in any difficult situation.

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Monkey Sagittarius Man — Career and Finance

Career for them means several other achievements. They are aimed at the implementation of large projects, so sometimes they remain free creators. They are interested only in large and knowingly successful projects. After completing such a project, they feel happy. In addition, they receive a good reward, so throughout life they will not feel any need.

These men are encouraged to follow a simpler line of behavior. With close people you should not show only the overwhelming beginning. Having listened to people, one can understand that their experience is no less valuable than their own. Openness and the desire to establish communication raises them a step higher in understanding, perception of other people. In addition, it is also an opportunity to advance professionally.

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