Scorpio Monkey Man

Resolute, independent and strong — a Scorpio-Monkey man always achieves his goals and boldly puts all life priorities in front of him. He is intelligent, original and can quickly adapt to any situation in life. It is a born leader who must lead everyone else. He excellently knows how to work in stressful situations, from which he can always find the right way out.

These men are very secretive. They are not used to showing their feelings, actions and actions. However, fate disposes of differently, exposing them to public view. This can harden them, but they should pass this lesson and change a little. Then everything will go in a different scenario, more prosperous and enjoyable for them. They have many desires that need to be embodied so that life is harmonious and does not move in a circle.

By nature, they are persistent men who take all decisions themselves. They do not need someone else’s advice, because only they know how it will be better for them. They are ambitious, so they usually choose public professions that can satisfy this desire. If they do not give up and move towards their goals, despite everything, they can become rich and respected people even in a difficult enough way.

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Scorpio Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Bright, attractive and confident, he literally reduces all the women crazy. There are always a lot of fans around him, but he is very picky about his partner’s choice, so he easily rejects all the candidates. In love, he often behaves selfishly, seeking only his own comfort and convenience. And to achieve his goals, he will not always follow a straight path, also using his cunning.

He prefers to seek true love, and not adhere to any self-serving considerations. He needs an attentive, caring and loving girl who can make certain sacrifices for him. He will definitely appreciate it and in return can offer his devotion in any matter, love and understanding. Despite his independence and tough character, he quickly becomes attached to his beloved.

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Scorpio-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

Despite the love of leadership, in this area he prefers to give his partner the opportunity to feel a real woman. He is not against various experiments and new experiences that will help him to learn how to express his emotions and feelings in a new way. Unlike other guys for this, he will not read, and study special literature. He has already received by nature certain knowledge that can be actively used in practice.

He is not against various experiments and new experiences. In this he is clearly helped by a pronounced emotionality and a special passion. The intimate sphere is very important for him and by means of it he gets a good charge of emotions, energy and can tell about his special feelings. He knows how to stealthily guide the girl so that they can both get full pleasure and satisfaction.

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Scorpio Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

Its main goal is to create a loving and full-fledged family. But before that he is very attentive to the choice of his partner, to whom he has quite a lot of requirements. I must say that his requirements may be reduced in marriage. Maintaining peace in the family becomes one of the most important goals for him, so he is able to forgive many of the shortcomings of his wife and children.

Live with him under one roof will not be so easy. He likes to command, to guide the surrounding people in a certain direction. Of course, he wants them only good and the best, but this behavior may not be to the liking of his relatives, wife and children. In general, it turns out to be a good owner, who can manage many things, performing them just fine.

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Monkey Scorpio Man — Career and Finance

They can make a good career. However, they are so impermanent that they can not bring the case to the end. As a result, they are disappointed, do not reach a good position. They should seek support in the family, when the second half helps them move forward. It is best for them to start their own business, as it is difficult for them to obey. If they choose the right path, then the financial side of life will be favorable for them.

These men are encouraged to become more receptive to the traditions, since not all of them have a negative experience. Public opinion is also not always something imposed, own opinion can coincide with the public. You can not fence with men, as they can learn more from communication than by remaining alone. More confidence in people, the desire to open up will be for them the right decision, which will help to realize their plans and goals.

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