Taurus Monkey Man

Taurus-Monkey man has good communication skills. He easily manages to establish relationships with surrounding people, as well as to charm them and fall in love with themselves. Together with this, he demonstrates an extraordinary purposefulness and perseverance, through which he can easily achieve his goal. But for this, it is necessary for him to distribute his forces, otherwise he can not cope with the load.

These are unique personalities who can learn from experience, take any business, giving them a special and interesting design. Under their leadership, numerous projects are being born. They can refuse from a proposal that is advantageous at first glance, but then achieve excellent results in other areas. If they put their strength and attention to something, they will necessarily achieve excellent results.

By nature, they are impulsive and temperamental. Because of their impulsiveness, they are often involved in quarrels and conflicts. They are impatient, therefore it often turns out that they do not bring the matter to the end. As a result, they often lose the opportunity to gain recognition and success. They can always defend their opinions, and usually it is logical. However, others may not like this behavior, so they can remain alone.

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Taurus Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Love for him is the sphere in which he feels great. Unlike others, he does not focus on choosing a partner, taking every woman as she is. That’s why he ties up personal relationships without much difficulty. In love, he is a truly loving and emotional partner. He has the property of feeling his lover and guessing her mood.

The main tool that he uses to conquer the object of his love is the word. He has a well-developed oratorical ability, so he can easily gain the confidence of the girl. However, later, she may be disappointed to see that he speaks more about his feelings, rather than demonstrates them. This quality must be accepted, since this is the basic style of his behavior.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

He can become a passionate and sensual lover. He appreciates and loves a cozy and comfortable environment. Together with this he is not averse to making love and in a non-standard place, since he is completely open to new experience. However, starting with this relationship is not recommended, since he has some caution, as well as the conservatism that he received from the earth sign.

In intimate relationships, he may seem a little cold and detached. All this happens because he was used to expressing his feelings a little differently, without using the body language. However, he learns very quickly and if he finds a sensual and emotional partner, they will quickly find a common language, and he will adjust to it. In bed, he likes leadership, but do not mind transferring the initiative.

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Taurus Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

The love for comfort and a cozy environment is inherent in him from childhood. Therefore, after marrying, he will pay much attention to his house and its design. Thanks to his efforts, his wife and children will happily return to him, and there will be a delicious dinner on the table for which he could spend the whole day. It is worth noting that for the sake of his family he is ready even to part with his hobbies, as well as career.

In marriage, he acts as an attentive, affectionate and loving spouse. He is able to guess the mood of his wife, and will often help in solving any unpleasant question. It is pleasant to talk with him and therefore the house will often be visited by numerous guests. He also gets a good father, who is unlikely to hire a nanny for his children, as he can independently cope with all the tasks.

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Monkey Taurus Man — Career and Finance

Money and power for them are inseparable, therefore they will try to reach at once two criteria of well-being. To achieve they can be used dishonest methods, seeking to find the same dishonest partners. At the same time, emotionality and impulsiveness can force them to abandon their plans. As a result, it is difficult to say how much they can be realized, become self-sufficient in the career and financial terms.

These men are encouraged to think more about the feelings and thoughts of other people, to try to accept their opinion. Excessive sensitivity and emotionality are bad helpers in the realization of certain goals. Another lesson is the ability to receive help from other people. This is an important skill that will enable them to solve problems beyond their control in the future. It is worth more to cherish close people, to learn to build relationships.

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