Virgo Monkey Man

The Virgo-Monkey man is a very strong person and prefers to live only according to his laws and principles, ignoring the opinion of the surrounding people. He is clearly organize his activities, plan future steps and so on. Thanks to this, he can achieve success in almost any sphere, if only he will show his abilities and talents. He can not sit around, preferring to do something all the time.

These men are very special in nature. On the one hand, they are vulnerable and sensitive men, and on the other, they are purposeful and strong-willed individuals. In life, they will always be lucky, because they are balanced in different qualities. They have great power, which they should be sent to the creative sphere. In this case, they can become outstanding personalities. Spiritual development will help them to achieve happiness.

By nature, they are determined and strong-willed men, who are sufficiently restrained, scrupulous and tactful. They are vulnerable, so they often avoid communication. They understand that communication is the key to success, but they can overcome their reluctance to communicate to mature age. They are independent, free-loving and always try to show personal initiative. Such a complex nature requires careful selection of the scope of activities.

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Virgo Monkey Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Bright, sociable and attractive — he is almost always in sight. Therefore, he always has a lot of fans who would like to build relationships with him. But he himself categorically refers to them. He is very afraid of responsibility, so do not seek to have a long relationship. He initially needs to make sure of the reliability of his partner, and only then think about something more serious.

It should be noted that not every woman can find a common language with him. He likes to command and will not tolerate, if he is forced to impose a different opinion, especially if it does not have strong arguments. Because of this stubbornness, it’s hard for him to find true love and build a stable relationship. However, he is not particularly worried about this, because he values his independence, as well as the freedom that exists.

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Virgo-Man, born in the Monkey year, in the Bed

In bed, he prefers to remain in the leading positions. However, from time to time, he suddenly can become complaisant and give the palm of primacy to his woman. He seldom concentrates only on himself and on his needs, paying special attention to his mistress. Unlike other Virgo, he likes to experience new emotions and experience, therefore he is open to all kinds of experiments and interests.

He loves to make love in a familiar atmosphere. Better if it will be his house, where he will be able to create the right atmosphere. He has his own rhythm, to which his mistress needs to adjust. An important place for him is the preparatory process or foreplay, which should proceed as long and as richly as possible. At the same time, he can be slightly indifferent to the process itself.

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Virgo Monkey Man in Family and Marriage

Marriage for him always becomes the first role in his life. Having married, he can devote himself completely to him. He enjoys all household chores, trying to make the house attractive to his wife, children and guests. However, getting along with him under one roof is not always an easy thing. He is strongly inclined to criticism and if something goes wrong, he can express it in a rather crude form.

Despite his difficult and absurd nature, he tries to maintain an even relationship with all members of the family, as this is very important for him. This is a very loyal and faithful partner, who is unlikely to decide on betrayal. It is impossible not to note his sincere care, which he surrounds his family. Therefore, he is often approached for advice, and he tries to help all at once, which he is very good at.

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Monkey Virgo Man — Career and Finance

These men can make a career in a field where they can take the initiative. If this does not happen, then they turn out bad subordinates. It is best for them to have their own business in which they can realize their ideas. Usually they are quite successful. The financial side of life does not take them much. They love luxury, but ideas and their embodiment are more important for them, so they often do not think about the financial side of their career.

These men are recommended to study men throughout their lives. Careful study will lead them to an understanding and harmonious relationship. Also, we should not set ourselves global goals, since the inability to achieve them negatively affects their health and attitude. It is necessary to learn how to direct negative emotions into the creative channel in order to obtain some significant results.

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