Aquarius Ox Man

Aquarius-Ox man is full of various ideas that can be safely implemented. He loves communication, so it often turns out to be surrounded by many friends and acquaintances. Unlike other signs, he can set a certain goal and quite achieve this. He has a well-developed intuition, thanks to which he easily skips all difficult situations and problems in his life.

These men are always young with soul and body. They are clever, smart and perceptive, so they rarely find themselves in problematic difficult situations. Most often they are lucky, because they can properly build relationships, if they need it. Calculation in everything can destroy them, but they can not live otherwise. As a result, they seem to be charming and interesting people around them, although they absolutely do not want to show it.

They are stubborn and hardworking, always have a purpose in life, so they achieve a lot of maturity. They can demonstrate opposite qualities with different people. With colleagues and acquaintances he demonstrates the smoothness and simplicity of character. At home, it’s a dreamer, a tyrant and a unique manipulator. Such qualities are given to them with ease, so they do not feel the moment when they switch to another role.

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Aquarius Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Charming, extravagant and interesting - he is always in the increased attention of women. Nevertheless, building relationships with him is not so simple. He is impossible to romantic nature and can often remain in his own dreams. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find the original of his heroine, and this is his main reason, because he has too great demands that not everyone can fulfill.

He is interested in finding a reliable partner who can show him true feelings, and which is not interested in superficial relations. But for all that, he needs an outstanding man who is free from all prejudices. Also, he will not be able to find a common language with a too conservative person who can not decide on thoughtless actions. It is difficult to find such a combination, but it is quite possible.

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Aquarius-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

Physical relationships are not particularly attractive. He is more in search of love or something that will inspire him to make love. He is interested in the impressions and feelings that he will be able to experience together with his beloved. However, he is not very emotional, so in order to excite him, we must try. It is important to catch with him one wave, which will make you feel complete unity.

With him, it’s simply impossible to get bored, since he often becomes the initiator of new experiments. He needs such a partner, who could, together with him go to the world of feelings and emotions. Unlike other men, he does not care about the preliminary preparation in the form of candlelight dinner and so on. On the contrary, he likes all the unexpected, extravagant and interesting. Therefore, he will make love with pleasure in the most unexpected places.

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Aquarius Ox Man in Family and Marriage

He is very attached to his wife and family. He likes to go home and do household chores. However, from time to time he needs to stay alone or go to a meeting with his friends. Therefore, he is not recommended to sit in 4 walls, where he can lose his inspiration and abandon creativity. He also needs changes that he takes with great joy.

In marriage, he manifests himself as a caring and loving partner. He will help his wife to solve many controversial issues, since he looks at the situation completely different eyes. Despite this connection, he is in no hurry to dedicate it to all his affairs. He likes to solve them on his own and also make all the important decisions. He is a good father, who will educate his children in a democratic style.

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Ox Aquarius Man — Career and Finance

The financial side of life is very much interested in these Aquarius. They strive for well-being, but they are often too busy and do not get everything at once. They need patience to get what they want. Impulsivity can prevent them from reaching the end of the planned plan, which also leads to difficulties. That’s why they often make a career zigzagging, and with finance they have the same situation. It’s worthwhile to be more patient and bring things to the end in order to achieve prosperity.

These men need to become more confident in order to find a point of support, not being torn to the side of that imagination, then of excessive pragmatism. Respect for others, the desire to be themselves will help them achieve everything in life. Also, there is no need to trample on universally accepted values. On the contrary, one should try to stick to them. Life immediately becomes easier and easier. It is these qualities that they need to develop in themselves.

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