Aries Ox Man

Aries-Ox is a strong and confident man. He is deceived by lies and lies, since the most important feature of his character is honesty and sincerity. He can cope with many things alone. Nevertheless, he needs a caring partner, who will also help him to be realized. In a romantic relationship, he will be able to show other traits of his character and appear as a loving and caring partner.

These are deeply spiritual personalities who first of all study the issues of morality and philosophy before making a decision. Psychology can so overwhelm their attention that they forget about all the ordinary things. By studying something, they always try to share their knowledge. They are introverts by nature, so they will always look for an interlocutor who will support their ideas. However, they will express ideas in writing, in music, in areas where words are not required.

These are extremely stable men who can achieve good successes, only thanks to their ability to correctly distribute energy. Rationality, calmness and the ability to distribute forces are their main features. They are loyal and reliable friends. As life partners, they are also as committed and calm as possible. They help everyone around, giving them not only warmth and care, but also taking active actions.

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Aries Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he shows only sincere feelings and seldom concludes marriage by calculation or with any intent. He is also not prone to flirting or hypocrisy in this area. Usually, he is looking for a patient woman in all respects, who can protect from all the difficulties of life. But because of his fighting nature, he often comes across weak personalities, with whom he is experiencing the strongest disappointment.

In love, he appears as a good-natured and kind-hearted partner who can forgive a lot for his beloved woman. If she makes a mistake, and then recognizes her, he will accept such a woman with cordiality back. Even when parting with a woman, he will not lower his hands and continue to walk through life, financially support her in raising children. But if he meets his true love, he will reveal all his positive traits.

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Aries-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

He is an honest partner who thinks not only about his needs, but also the needs of his partner. He is unlikely to be fashionable and beautifully dressed to please his woman. Nevertheless, women are attracted by his simple earthly passion, in which there is no falsehood and finesse. He needs a passionate and strong lover who could understand his feelings and appreciate them with dignity.

He takes the bed very seriously, so he is hardly capable of fleeting passions for "one night". It often happens that he makes significant distinctions between love and this sphere of relations, separating these two concepts. Therefore, to go with him to a new level of relations, it will take quite a long time. But if he decided on an intimate relationship with you, then you are very much to him.

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Aries Ox Man in Family and Marriage

In marriage, he acts as a wise husband and a good master. Marriage to him can be concluded only through sincere relations and great love. He will also try to keep the peace in the family, so he has a lot of patience for his partner. A good and loving father also comes from him. Even if family relations will not satisfy him, then on his part there will hardly be treason.

In the family, he will strive for leadership, which can be one of the causes of misunderstanding and quarrels. But if you listen to his opinion, he will be able to give wise and useful advice. He does not know how to flirt and loves sincere and honest relationships, which he also demands from his wife, since he does not accept any other approach. Nevertheless, patience will ever end, and then his anger will be strong and ruthless.

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Ox Aries Man — Career and Finance

The career elevation of these men is not always smooth, since they do not know how to exhibit their abilities, even possessing them. They often try to do everything for well-being, but they can achieve this by creating their own business. In this case, they can not prove their skills, but simply perform the tasks set, achieving the desired results. The financial sphere for them can be complicated, but with this they can cope at will.

These men are recommended to remain realistic, but not to fall into pessimism. To life was full of colors, you should start sharing your knowledge. For this it is necessary to overcome your shyness. Also, they are recommended to work in moderation, as otherwise they may face loss of close people, which is completely unacceptable for them. In the rest they are perfectly implemented, they can correctly handle all processes.

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