Cancer Ox Man

The Cancer-Ox man is always full of different experiences and emotions. He is attached to his home and close people. That is why they carefully approach the choice of those who really like him. At the same time, he has a very tough character, but looks like a gentle and vulnerable guy who needs care. Most often he hides his temperament, since it is more convenient for him to live in his cozy world.

These men do everything calmly, methodically and carefully. Their unhurriedness allows them to achieve good results in life. However, they often get involved in bad things that create obstacles to success and prosperity. They have a very developed intuition, which helps them only to understand who their opponents are. In the rest they do not listen to it. Lack of goals will lead them to wander through life, so you should pay attention to setting goals.

They are twofold in character. Having versatile talents, developed abilities, these men can not always find them use. The adventurous character store pushes them into creating difficulties for themselves. To realize their goals, they have the patience to create a plan and implement it with special methods. They can seriously take revenge, but they are waiting to revenge for revenge, accumulating destructive emotions.

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Cancer Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is very gentle and pliable in love. However, it is preferable to hide in your armor, so as not to suffer unnecessary suffering. He is prone to frequent changes of mood, so it is difficult to find a common language with him. Especially his mood changes when necessary to make a choice. As a result, he often loses his position, but thanks to his intuition he can quickly establish the previous relationship.

He sometimes does extraordinary things that are not consistent with his image, but usually it happens when he is really in love and is interested in relationships. It should be noted that he can always unobtrusively and gently dictate his will, impose a decision on his partner. In this case, most often this decision is true, and the partner remains satisfied with his second half.

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Cancer-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

He is extraordinarily sexy, and can use this quality to attract women. It should be noted that he agreed to intimacy only if a woman corresponds to his ideals. As a rule, he chooses an honest, faithful and attentive partner who will be able to appreciate his inner world. It is with her that he can be close, without experiencing embarrassment, false feelings.

He loves all the unusual and refined, but in bed he seeks, first of all, the opportunity to express his feelings simply, artlessly. He loves a standard act, which should give him pleasure. At the same time, he wants his partner to be satisfied too. This attitude to the bed allows him to feel like a desired and beloved man who will give pleasure.

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Cancer Ox Man in Family and Marriage

In the family often takes a leading position, because it is persistent enough. As a result, relations are built in the family only around him and his plans. But it’s not bad, since it creates a cozy and friendly atmosphere in relations with the domestic. With children, he is extremely attentive, allows them a lot, but within reasonable limits. With his wife, he maintains good relations even after many years of living together.

He puts the family at the head of the corner of his life. To feel happy, he must necessarily make a career, get married and have children. However, in some cases, he can not achieve everything at once. Having married, he dreams of having a child. This man will diligently arrange life, create conditions for a cozy and peaceful life with his beloved person and then with children.

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Ox Cancer Man — Career and Finance

They are methodical and consistent in their actions, so they often achieve good heights in their careers. They are strong and will not look at others when they realize their goals. In some cases, they use dishonorable acts to achieve the desired result. To material goods they are calm, but without them they will not live. Often, material values and become for them an engine to success.

They should forget about the complexities of life, trying to make it a pleasant river on which one could swim. You can not control all events and your thoughts, otherwise life will cease to be interesting and pleasant. Failures should be taken with humor. It is worth abandoning the childishness, which in some situations can become an obstacle to the realization of important life goals. Energy own and life should be realized without their participation.

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