Capricorn Ox Man

Capricorn-Ox man combines all the best qualities of both signs - stubborn, purposeful, rarely folds before difficulties. In most cases, they achieve the highest goals. They have a clear understanding of the world and others, so they can fully rely on their ability to understand the true motives of people. They take all their decisions based on their logic, as it is important for them to analyze and only then to make a decision.

They always try to be in sight. They do not tend to ignore their merits, because they want to get recognition. They practice by nature, so do not be distracted by contemplation and philosophy. Their motto is active actions. They can fall into cynicism if they do not believe in the sincerity of human feelings. It is worthwhile to work on this, but usually they reject this side of life at all, creating for themselves certain difficulties.

By nature, these men are bright, strong, flexible natures. They do not know how to obey, they do not like interfering in their lives. Usually they are successful in business and financial sphere, because they feel the processes taking place in business. However, their restlessness, inability to concentrate on one thing, leads them to a fiasco. They do not know how to get things done, which negatively affects their lives as a whole.

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Capricorn Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Love does not change it at all. He is not emotional and never subjected to passion. He does not have all these feelings, although he wants to be loved. Because of this opinion to love, he always acts as a recipient, not as a giver. He hardly accepts compliments, he does not like chivalry in a partner. It’s important, but it can concern the most different spheres of life, except emotional.

He is not emotional and this kind of attitude to love creates some difficulties for him, but he is attractive already because he will never flatter and flirt. He is characterized by straightforwardness and simplicity in the expression of feelings. Most often, he chooses a partner not for some qualities, but for common interests or projects, which they will implement together. That is, the approach to it is in the general hobbies.

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Capricorn-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him does not mean too much. He may well lead a monastic life, completely wasting his energy to work. Of course, he will not deny that these relations exist and they are quite pleasing to him, but he will always strive to end with sentimentality, the sphere where it is necessary to show emotionality and get down to business. This approach may not like, but it is exactly this.

Intimate life for him does not mean much. Often this attitude to intimate life gives rise to some misunderstanding in relations with the chosen one. And the thing is that he can not be different, so his partner should be loyal to him and accept him as he is. In this case, harmony in the relationship will be possible. This is especially true of the intimate sphere, since the body language never lies and its partner can explain its coldness in its own way.

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Capricorn Ox Man in Family and Marriage

He always seeks to get married. The fact is that the status of a married man is extremely important to him. At the same time, getting married very smartly, never chooses a partner for the heart, only the calculation will work here. As a result, he is happy in his own way. He will never be a good housewife and attentive father. By nature, he is a fighter who always defends his rights and the rights of his family.

It can not be said that he will not be able to farm. He will not stay at the stove to please his family, but at the same time he will perfectly create a budget that will make everyone feel comfortable. He will also be able to earn good money to create favorable conditions for his family. All this does not seem to be a masculine affair, but that’s exactly the way it is, and it’s impossible to change it. In this situation you need to see your advantages.

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Ox Capricorn Man — Career and Finance

They rarely rise up the career ladder, despite their talents and personal qualities. However, they can perfectly set their own business. These men should start one thing at a time, otherwise they may find themselves in a quandary when there is not enough strength, finances and just skills for everything at once. The financial side of life for them directly depends on the ability to concentrate on the matter. Otherwise they will only come to disappointment.

These men should think a little about the non-material, since pragmatism does not allow them to see the charms of life. The path of self-development will allow them to see more and better in life. Openness is another necessary feature. They must understand that openness can help them build not only pleasant but also useful relationships. And this is a great incentive for them. Leading a stable and measured way of life, they can feel happy.

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