Gemini Ox Man

The Gemini-Ox man is simply unique - he incorporated the features of both signs so well that he got many advantages. He is a sociable guy who knows how to find the key to any woman. He can perfectly choose a topic for conversation. Such qualities are given to him by the Gemini, but by a sense of duty and responsibility by the Ox. The result is an ideal partner, who knows the sense of proportion in everything.

The fate of these men can be radically changed by themselves. They like to find the truth in everything and often do not pay attention to obvious signs. This can complicate their lives. Also these people tend to achieve the highest goals without support from others. This ability allows them to get maximum privileges. And they need it only to achieve moral satisfaction most often.

By nature - they are courageous, honest and temperamental personalities. They do not think their life without friends, but their irrepressible nature often pushes them from their close people. In life, they are guided by the principle that one must rely on experience, not on theory. For this they select the most interesting facts. They are self-confident, so they rarely consider the opinions of others. In general, they are a tangle of various different qualities that can not be combined.

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Gemini Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he is often unstable, because he is always looking for adventure. Can often switch from a partner to a partner, look for some ideal and not find it in their environment. He quickly cools to a partner, because, despite all his desires, he is looking for the other person first, and then everything else. At the same time, he can make mistakes, imparting his beloved with sharp and not exact judgments.

In love, he is unstable, but another approach to love is possible. He can take a very responsible approach to the choice of the beloved. As a result, he will look for the qualities that he likes best. However, at a more mature age, he understands the value of relationships and can completely change his mind. In particular, he can become more attentive to his chosen one and not seek out negative features in it.

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Gemini-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

He can relate to the intimate sphere of relationships and is extremely responsible. He likes experiments, but he aspires to quality. That is, it is important for him to bring satisfaction to his woman, and also to himself. If this does not happen, he will study the literature on this topic in order to understand how to achieve the desired. But such an approach usually happens in those guys, in which the Ox predominates.

In an intimate life, he likes to experiment. In particular, he can love something new, be interested in this area only for the purpose of gaining experience. In addition, he can change the partner, if the lover does not satisfy his requirements, does not want to look for something new in these relations. As a rule, he is too mobile and looks only for diversity, which affects his relationship with a woman.

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Gemini Ox Man in Family and Marriage

He can marry under the influence of circumstances. In this case, he becomes an exemplary master if he has children. In addition, his wife can become his only partner for a long time. With children he is not strict, but does not allow them to indulge. In addition, he feels the golden mean between punishments and encouragements. As a result, his relations with relatives, spouse and children are normal and even.

If he decided to marry, then his partner’s personality is not ordinary, which was able to replace him all around him. It should be noted that he may be intrigued by a certain feature or be interested in something in it, perhaps it will be her hobby. He is an excellent companion, because he is ready to share all the adventures and diversity of life beloved. With such a woman, he will be happy.

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Ox Gemini Man — Career and Finance

Their career of men must be connected with different practical areas. They can apply even a grain of knowledge so as to get excellent results. They tend to achieve good positions, but this often takes some time. If they make a career, they will achieve stability in finances. However, this is not always important for them, so money for these men is not an end in itself.

These men are recommended to slightly reduce the significance of their words, because not all truths should be disclosed. High intelligence is also not an excuse to suppress other people. Especially this rule should be applied to close people. Patience and openness will serve well in achieving the goals. In relation to close people it is necessary to completely exclude all negative emotions, otherwise relations can be spoiled in vain and foolishly.

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