Leo Ox Man

The Leo-Ox man has all the necessary qualities to achieve a high career position. He can also occupy a high social status, because he has the will, the determination and can show himself in public. He is perfectly oriented in the sphere in which he works, so he can lead the company to prosperity for all its conservatism. All his instructions are literate and have a primary purpose in the basis.

They are confident men. They easily and simply solve all problems, go through life. Everything in their life has a result that reckons them to consistent people. They know how to take risks, but they do it only in cases when this risk is justified. These men are successful in their personal lives, they can enjoy the communication with their loved ones, which makes them especially attractive for the creation of a strong and united family.

By nature, these men are ambitious, resolute, endowed with strong will. They can solve many problems, strive for high results. Usually in all cases they are extremely successful. They are intelligent and visionary, so they always try to find the right men in life to strengthen their position, solve some problems. For them, close values of men and traditions are of great value.

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Leo Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is very serious and always strives for leadership and, as a rule, achieves this. In addition, it is important for him to respect and respect all family members. He is a passionate and sensual guy who can envelop any woman with passion. At the same time, he never advertises his feelings to others. He is very different from other guys, so often women are afraid to get close to him.

He may well take the first step toward rapprochement. It should be noted that it is from him that the initiative comes. He is energetic and often the partner has only to keep up with him. Sometimes it is difficult to find a common language with him, as he rarely compromises. Ideally, if the partner completely trusts him, and will not make any decisions. And he will surely regulate relations.

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Leo-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

He loves an unusual action — it can be a special entourage, a pose or caress. Everything that brings unusual in a relationship, like him. In addition, he himself can actively offer innovations that will completely satisfy him. A partner can also take the initiative, and he will definitely pick it up. Sensuality and openness make the affinity with him beautiful, full-valued and pleasant.

He has extraordinary energy, so his intimate life can be very rich. He can change his partner if he does not have something to arrange, and can demonstrate loyalty. He is relaxed and not afraid of intimacy. He considers this sphere of relations normal and necessary for himself. In addition, he always chooses a partner himself. His full control may not be noticeable, but he is necessarily present.

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Leo Ox Man in Family and Marriage

Marriage for him means a lot, since he is aimed at a strong and strong family, which will be his support. However, he would like to play the role of leader in it, make all important decisions. It is important for him to receive respect from his family, since otherwise he will make scandals. He is too active and requires the same activity from relatives, and this can cause serious problems.

With his wife, he builds strong relationships, which are based on friendship and understanding. In return, he gives her respect and will always support in difficult moments. With children, he has a relationship of authority and friend at the same time. At the same time, he always helps them solve difficult questions, especially in adulthood. With relatives, he quickly finds a common language, but tries less often to communicate with them.

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Ox Leo Man — Career and Finance

These men are excellent financiers. They can have several sources of income at once. They also seek and achieve excellent results in all aspects of life, regarding material values. At the same time they are not stingy, they willingly share goods with close people. For them, money has value as a means to obtain benefits. As for career, they do quickly and easily. Usually they manage to succeed in any field.

These men are recommended to loosen their grip and allow their loved ones to realize their dreams. Give them independence, because otherwise they will turn into infantile personalities. You do not need to lead every step they take. For success, they have all the important components, but also it is worth giving time for spiritual self-development. Only this approach will make them even stronger, more successful.

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