Libra Ox Man

The Libra-Ox man represents a very harmonious person. He absorbed all the best features of both signs and as a result, it is easy to communicate with him and to establish relationships. The Ox manifests itself in terms of responsibility and organization, and Libra — in tranquility. The result is a soft, gentle and flexible guy. He always prefers to live in peace and harmony, he resolves all disputes and conflicts peacefully.

They will constantly struggle for the stability not only of their lives, but also of the lives of others. To this they spend a lot of energy, often without achieving positive results. They are often detached, because they believe that it is impossible to find understanding. And all they need is the respect of a partner, love and attention. If they gain these qualities, then they will always be comfortable in the company of other people.

By nature, they are calm and hardworking personalities who are slowly moving towards their goal. Their goals can be the simplest, but they will necessarily achieve it with the best results. They achieve their goals solely by their labor, as they are distinguished by diligence. They can get involved in non-standard hobbies, but this will not exceed their work. On the contrary, hobbies help them to receive a charge of vivacity for the main occupation.

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Libra Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is usually in search of love, as he strives to create a family. He is open to relationships, but he always knows which woman will suit him. If it causes him only regrets, rejection and misunderstanding, he will not long drag with a rupture. As a rule, in love he knows how to seduce a partner, make her marry and many other important moments. All these qualities he takes from Libra.

He always seeks diversity, so he can often change his partner. However, he always likes one type of women, which is acceptable for him. Having fallen in love, he becomes softer and more tender, but at the same time he does not forget to evaluate the partner and her actions. As a result, he perfectly understands whether he needs a relationship with this person. Usually the gap is deliberately, and it is impossible to convince him even with constructive arguments.

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Libra-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him means a lot, since he is very sensual and expects from this side of the relationship maximum pleasures. At the same time he always knows how to satisfy a partner and make her pleasant. In return, he expects sincerity and such a desire to satisfy him. He is for equality, so he will never tolerate a woman in the title role. He will willingly yield to it, but it is necessary to let him feel its importance and irreplaceability.

He loves all the traditional, so offering him delights is an empty matter. In addition, he may even take offense at such a proposal. You can induce him to experiment, if he is in the mood, and also if you carry him away. In this case, he can even accept something new, but he may not agree to everything. That’s why you can spend time with him, basking in the simple pleasure of a standard union.

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Libra Ox Man in Family and Marriage

Family for him means a lot, he is ready even for sacrifices, for the sake of creating a solid family. At the same time, he always very selectively approaches the choice of a partner, since he believes that getting married once, often it turns out. He is also attentive to the relatives of his future wife, as he immediately tries to establish good relations with them. That’s why he can create a harmonious family.

In the family, he often plays the role of conciliator of different interests and desires. It can help all family members achieve their goals. If his wife is engaged in scientific work, he will create all the conditions for this. With children, he is demanding and his minus in dealing with them is some callousness. He considers them to be adults from an early age, so he does not waste much of their affection. In the rest, relations in the family are warm and even.

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Ox Libra Man — Career and Finance

Usually they choose practical professions, because for them the practical side of any process is more important than anything else. If they understand this desire and craving, they will surely achieve a good success. As a result, their lives will become financially stable, which is also important for these individuals. Money they know how to spend rationally, without emotions, which allows them to make small savings.

Born is recommended to constantly evolve to just understand yourself. Often their actions are devoid of logic, so the opportunity to stop and understand yourself will be an important point. They have versatile talents, therefore it is recommended to use each of them to find their place in life. Life is worth organizing, not floating on it to get some positive results.

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