Pisces Ox Man

Pisces-Ox man gives the impression of a person, whom you can always rely on. He is reliable and unshakable, but he is very sensitive and vulnerable, which is his essence. Often many people judge him not as he really is. Usually in his environment are highly spiritual and literate people who correspond to his inner content. In the relationship for him in the first place respect, honesty and decency.

These men are creators by nature. If they can direct their strength in the right direction, they will get staggering results. Usually it’s enough to find yourself by implementing all the important talents. Usually they tend to apply to several areas at once, but you only need to select one for maximum results. They can not be aimed only at getting money, as this will lead to health problems.

By nature these men are leaders. They possess perseverance, tenacity and fortitude. However, they often display negative features of character — the desire for freedom leads to lack of freedom, loss of life guides. Courage and courage force them to move forward. They always need to be in the center of events, to be the main ones to feel all the events. However, they may find themselves in a difficult situation, since these goals often lead to the opposite result.

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Pisces Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is very interesting and unusual and will not be with a woman if she does not correspond to his ideas about a woman, even if she will help him in his career, to help financially. He is not selfish at all, that’s why he knows what true love is. It should be noted that he is always full of different feelings and experiences. His moods can often change, but only a person close to him can see it.

He always seeks a harmonious relationship. At the same time for him, harmony means something else. In particular, he will seek mutual feelings, respect from the partner. He always strives for leadership in the relationship, so it is unnecessarily harsh. In fact, these are echoes of his sensitive nature, the desire to be especially closed to others. His inner life often remains closed to the woman.

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Pisces-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

In an intimate life, he is prone to change of mood. On the one hand, he is emotional and sensual, therefore he aspires to such relations. And at the same time, it can be closed and complex, if its partner was not sufficiently sensitive. It should be noted that he may be too cheeky at other times, which also scares off women. For him, these shifts are also a burden, but he is just like that.

If a woman on all counts corresponds to his ideas, he can be, quite passionate. He can even seduce a partner. In this case, he is interested in various delights and unusual poses that will make it possible to understand a woman not only with her body, but also with her soul. Intimate relationships mean a lot to him, but excessive emotionality often creates difficulties in dealing with women, especially when relationships are only being tied up.

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Pisces Ox Man in Family and Marriage

He can be happy in the family if he tries to express all his grievances and misunderstandings to his wife. Pronouncing all problems will allow him to get an opportunity to be understood. However, his reluctance to expose his soul often leads to misunderstandings. If this can still be overcome with his wife, then with other relatives and children, such problems become only brighter, and then he can no longer restrain his attacks.

Family life for him is not always successful. The thing is that he wants to take a leading position, but he is not ready to solve complex problems. Well, if his partner understands this feature of his and allows him to "make decisions". Otherwise, his family would crumble like a house of cards. It should be noted that the breaks in relations with him are frequent, since he does not control his emotions.

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Ox Pisces Man — Career and Finance

Career for these men is the most important thing in life. They have known since childhood what they want and are moving towards this goal without hesitation. Career achievements can eclipse other areas of life, but they just need to correctly allocate time. When career elevation is to abandon the desire for luxury, because at such times it is necessary to deal exclusively with spiritual needs of your nature, so that the achievements were maximum.

They are recommended to turn a blind eye to criticism of them. The decisions made are better performed, since criticism only slows down, does not lead to positive changes. Each new business can begin after the termination of the old, otherwise the goals will remain unattained. It is also recommended to look for an area in which talents will be maximized, but you do not need to be afraid to try any classes and work.

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