Sagittarius Ox Man

Sagittarius-Ox man combines the most incongruous qualities. On the one hand, he is ready for a variety of adventures, on the other hand, he likes to stay at home all the time. He likes to do different things, but he can achieve perfection mostly in one thing. Spraying of forces and feelings, leads him to the idea that he needs to do one thing, love one woman, but in him is more Sagittarius, so he repeats his mistakes again.

These men are distinguished by a peculiarity of thinking. They are perspicacious, intelligent and rational. Being able to carefully weigh the need for certain actions, they correctly guide others. At the same time, they often do not see their shortcomings, although they are critical and able to analyze any situation. These are active men who have a certain code of morality and knowledge. As a result, their solutions are always weighed and useful.

By nature, they are hardworking, talented and intelligent. These are creative individuals who can embody any idea, regardless of its scope and complexity. Self-confidence and ambition help them achieve their goals. They are aimed at taking leadership positions. All their actions they send to create excellent living conditions for themselves. However, they should not forget that any ways to achieve goals are not permissible for them.

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Sagittarius Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He creates the impression of a very brave and relaxed guy, but in fact he is rather timid. It is difficult for him to take the first step. Because of this, he often misses the opportunity to be loved. If a woman takes the first step, he will be very happy, as he will be able to show all his best qualities, namely, reliability, loyalty and care for the chosen one. He is honest and decent, so he can become an excellent husband.

It is peculiar to him to seek love experiences, he always wants a new experience, but in conjunction with the Ox, this man is stable and will not change the partner. He is more impressed to be loyal to his chosen one, to be a loving and tender friend. With him in any situation comfortable and calm. Of course, he has his own requirements for the partner, but they are always doable and therefore do not create difficulties in the relationship.

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Sagittarius-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

The intimate side of life is important for him, as he is sensual and open to these relationships. But he rarely seeks closeness, if his partner does not meet his requirements. In addition, he is not one of those who will strive for love, if he is not sure of the need for development of relations. That’s why he carefully weighs everything, before he goes to the intimacy with his beloved.

He does not strive for refinement. It is important for him to just be desired and loved. If he still gets satisfaction, he will be happy. It is also important that he always strives to make his girlfriend pleased, and this already speaks of his subtle organization. If his partner wants something unusual, extravagant experiments, he will not resist, and maybe he will like it.

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Sagittarius Ox Man in Family and Marriage

The family for him always comes first. He can pursue careers, other things, but his family is above all else. He can give up his career for his own home. Although he often does all his business — career, helps children and manages many other things that are important to him and are necessary for some purposes. That is why the family for him is always pleased with his friendly and healthy appearance.

He chooses his wife for a long time, so in most cases, happy. Relations with him for a long time remain gentle, as in the very beginning of relations. With children, he is demanding and gentle, so they always appreciate him and love him. Relations with relatives are built perfectly, because he can establish ties and has diplomatic skills. In his family there are never quarrels and misunderstandings.

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Ox Sagittarius Man — Career and Finance

In a career they always reach senior positions. They are excellent organizers, they can rally the team to achieve a certain goal. However, they do not see the individual abilities of workers, which can lead to conflicts. In the financial sphere of life, they do not always understand how to properly set up spending so that they do not exceed revenues. Financial difficulties move them to look for additional earnings, but this does not solve their problems.

These men are advised not to think about the dark side of life. Only they will start to think about illnesses, how they will be attracted. Catastrophes and accidents can also be attracted to them. It is worth highlighting in people a highlight, and not just looking for some general idea in rallying. In this case, communication will be much more interesting. You need to learn to be proud of your achievements, as this will help them move on.

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