Scorpio Ox Man

The Scorpio-Ox man has excellent qualities: all these qualities can be multiplied by two. The result is a hardy and stubborn guy who always achieves goals. In addition, he has excellent intuition, can appreciate people and events with particular accuracy. And this allows him to achieve everything in life with the least effort. In a relationship with him, it’s better not to joke, because he knows how to punish a traitor.

These men secretly cherish their dreams, hoping for its implementation. They like to dream and often live in the world of their dreams, forgetting about reality. However, over time, they will learn to translate their ideas. They are usually so carried away that they infect others. They know how to feel other people, so they can realize not only their own, but also other people’s dreams. They are thoughtful and thorough men, despite all their dreaminess, and this helps them realize their dreams.

They are friendly and cheerful men, who attract many men for communication. They are ambitious, are able to make decisions quickly and correctly. At the same time, they are too trusting, adept at flattery, and these qualities often lead to negative consequences. They have excellent abilities, which can be realized in creative and scientific spheres. They do not know how to accept constructive criticism, often breaking the relationship because of this.

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Scorpio Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He never makes contact for the sake of curiosity or entertainment. He understands the value of relations and therefore tries to treat them selectively. He chooses his partner for a long time and usually successfully. She should like him on personal qualities, and also they should have a lot in common on interests. In this case, the union promises to be long and successful, as he is completely satisfied with the chosen one.

He is always correct and just, so he will never torment his beloved if he does not see the future of their relationship. Most often he talks about it directly and does not try to continue a hopeless relationship. That’s why, it’s nice to deal with him, especially in love, where understanding and honesty are necessary. He is rarely abandoned, as he can foresee the situation and take action.

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Scorpio-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him means a lot. He is sensual, seeking in this side of life the experience he needs. In addition, he, can transform the sensory experience into an intellectual experience and gain a lot of advantages in everyday life. As a rule, his partner’s body language tells him more than he usually does with his behavior. Therefore, this sphere of relations allows him to better understand his beloved.

He can be content with a standard action if it brings him satisfaction. However, all sorts of experiments and innovations will not disgust him. He will certainly respond to them and will be happy to make his girlfriend a pleasant one. It should be noted that he is a very grateful and generous person who is ready to share joy, satisfaction and make a sweet beloved.

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Scorpio Ox Man in Family and Marriage

If his wife allows him to lead, then the family will have complete peace and peace, as he is able to make decisions correctly. In addition, the relationship with his wife in this case will be the most radiant. He always deals with children himself. In rare cases, he shifts the tasks of education to someone else. It is also important that he is always close to them and helps to overcome the complexities of life.

Marriage is very important to him. He consciously seeks a woman who would match the role of wife. In doing so, he will try on her the role of the mother of his future children. If such a woman meets him, he will not think long, but will surely conquer it. But life in the family for him is full of certain difficulties. He is a leader, therefore he must embody his qualities. If this does not happen, he will be unhappy.

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Ox Scorpio Man — Career and Finance

The material sphere of life of these men is always successful. They perfectly manage the finances. And even if their career is not at the highest point, they can so plan the budget that they will have money for a good life with a lot of entertainment. They can make a career only in the scientific or creative spheres, so they should choose the right sphere of activity and achieve their goals.

Own initiative in business will allow them to achieve better results in life. they should be independent, do not seek support in other people, especially strangers. It is necessary to listen to relatives, as they will be able to offer excellent solutions to problems. They are not masters of communication, so you should also learn this quality. The ability to persuade will enable them to gain an opportunity to realize their goals.

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