Taurus Ox Man

The Taurus-Ox man is distinguished by double obstinacy, double straightforwardness and double purposefulness. All these qualities help him to always achieve the intended goal, but at the same time often interfere with establishing relations with surrounding people. He almost always knows what he wants in life and at the same time he has a good working capacity, which often leads to amazement of his acquaintances and close people.

They are aimed at social life. They give their strength and time to develop their social qualities. And they need it to get recognition. For this, nature endowed them with talents and important traits of character — it is responsiveness, the ability to put yourself in the spotlight. At the same time they are not completely conceited in front of other people, they always know how to behave correctly and decently.

These men are endowed with an interesting character. They are strong and at the same time soft, they know how to insist on their own, and sensitive to others. They are independent and purposeful, sociable and attentive to their interlocutor. As a result, they are always surrounded by excellent friends. They themselves show loyalty to their close people. They can even sacrifice themselves for the well-being of their loved ones. This character makes them attractive to men.

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Taurus Ox Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He has unlimited patience, and understanding. Therefore, in personal relationships, he always becomes a good adviser, who will support his beloved in any endeavors. Unlike other guys, in choosing a partner, he rarely pursues a selfish side. It is much more important for him to find a woman who could understand him, teach him to laugh and is more comfortable with any life situations.

Reliability and stability are two qualities that he seeks in his partner. He is unlikely to have short-lived and non-binding relationships, as this is not part of his worldview. In love, he always acts as a gentle and caring partner, who is interested in everything that happens to his lover. Despite his strength and confidence, in the relationship he shows opposite feelings.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

The intimate side for him plays an important role in his life. Despite the fact that outwardly he seems to be an unemotional and reserved person, in bed he manifests himself as a passionate and sensitive lover. He is very affectionate, affectionate and attentive to his partner and often puts her desires and preferences above her. Therefore, he needs a woman who will be concentrated not only on himself and his needs.

One can not fail to note the strongly pronounced conservatism, which manifests itself in its rejection of various experiments and new experiences. Change it is almost impossible and it will take a long time, during which he learns to fully trust his half. Very important for him are the external scenery, so preparing for a romantic dinner, it would be good to create an appropriate setting.

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Taurus Ox Man in Family and Marriage

In marriage acts as a gentle and considerate spouse. Regardless of the situation, he will always be on his wife’s side, supporting her and helping to cope with all the difficulties. In the family, he often occupies a dominant position, as he can intelligently distribute all household chores, as well as manage the finances. He is almost always busy with some kind of homework, which turns out very well for him.

Getting on with him is quite difficult because of his terrible stubbornness. Therefore, it is difficult to convince him otherwise — it can only be done with sound and valid arguments. From it turns out a beautiful father who lovingly will bring up his offspring. He always puts the family first, so he can easily sacrifice his favorite pastime and hobby.

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Ox Taurus Man — Career and Finance

They will be able to achieve excellent career results and wealth, if they realize their positive character traits. This is honesty and decency in business. They are materialists, therefore, for each goal they set, they see a certain result. For a career, they can choose any field of activity, since success will be guaranteed under certain efforts. Financially they will always be independent.

These men are recommended to be tactful and diplomatic in all spheres of life, with all people. You do not need to look for ideals; you should remain yourself. In this case, they can be even more successful. Less frivolity and at the same time less sanity will help them in achieving their goals. Close men should be valued more, as they will be able to provide support in any position, even in periods of falls.

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