Taurus Pig Man

The Taurus-Pig man has a cheerful and at first sight carefree character. But this is only the first impression that he makes on others. In fact, this is a very wayward nature, which, in addition, is endowed with a stubborn and sometimes intractable character. But he shows all these qualities only in closer relations, and with his friends and colleagues he is very friendly, charming and communicative.

The life of these men is filled with strange and mysterious situations, which they deeply store in the soul. They are not used to disclosing to others, so they often carry a lot of information in themselves. And this requires them to remain alone, which creates difficulties for them, because they are very important publicity, vocation. Because of all this mystery, they can fall into depression, as this prevents them from achieving a good living situation.

By nature, they are courageous, determined and intelligent men. They are lucky in everything, so they should try their hand at different areas. All plans and dreams can be realized by them, if they so desire. Cheerfulness is often external, as these are profound men who would like to know different secrets. But their curiosity also brings them difficulties, unpleasant feelings, so it is difficult for them to decide on this position, keeping a smile on their face.

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Taurus Pig Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he manifests himself as an attentive, caring and affectionate partner. He is really interested in everything that happens with his lover, and he is ready to provide any help in solving problems. In personal relationships, he prefers to lead, leaving the last word. At the same time, he is accustomed to acting straightforwardly and therefore, if he does not like something, he will not make hints, but will voice all displeasure in his face.

Despite his harsh character, as well as the bellicose look, he is very sensitive and romantic. Love in his life takes, almost the first place, so he always seeks it. Starting a personal relationship with him can be quite easy, since he is very sociable and loves the attention of the opposite sex. However, in order to continue them for a long time, it will take a lot of patience.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Pig year, in the Bed

He looks very calm and sometimes even cold. Few people know that inside of him are real passions and unspoken emotions. To open and show them to the full extent to it help intimate relations. This is a very passionate partner, who sets quite large demands on his mistress. It is very important that they match each other in rhythm, which will allow him to create a relationship full of harmony.

Conservatism is its main feature, which is especially clearly manifested in bed. So, he can categorically turn out to be a new experience, which offers him a partner. The same applies to the place of making love — in this he prefers his cozy room, where he feels most comfortable. In this case, his mistress should be patient. Also, from time to time he will not qualify for the main roles.

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Taurus Pig Man in Family and Marriage

To test his patience for a long time can not be, because it can badly end. The wrath of the earthly sign, doubled twice, can indeed bring great destruction. Fortunately, before this it must be brought, because he is very patient. From it turns out and a good father who will grow their children in love and attention. Family means for him really very much, so for her, he can even change his job and hobby to spend more time with his family.

If you are looking for a calm, patient and reliable spouse, then he will perfectly cope with this role. He can skilfully handle all domestic chores while simultaneously performing several tasks. He pays much attention and care to his wife, trying to avoid all conflicts and establish a balance in the family. This is an understanding spouse, ready to help his wife in any difficult situation.

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Pig Taurus Man — Career and Finance

These men often realize themselves in the creative sphere. They like to fantasize and for them it is important to embody these fantasies in creativity. Otherwise, unrealized dreams can negatively affect their psyche. They make a career out of the box, sometimes using only their abilities often, but even this brings them a stable financial position. They prosper in all periods of life, and therefore are considered extremely successful people.

These men are encouraged to think about themselves more often, give themselves the pleasure of realizing their dreams. Do not get hung up only at work, because it is not always able to give satisfaction. Choosing something for yourself, you need to choose the best. The past and unrealizable dreams should be pushed from oneself, to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the present. Only in this case they can feel truly happy.

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