Aquarius Rabbit Man

Aquarius-Rabbit man is always busy searching for the truth. He is interested in how relationships are established, their essence. The search for existence is its main purpose, and even the task. He is more interested in the surrounding reality than others, trying on his own laws and features. Much for this man is not interested in what is interesting to other men, for example, earnings, since he aspires to something incomprehensible, barely perceptible.

They are distinguished by sharp intuition. They are able to solve all problems quickly, but they rarely listen to the inner self. And this gives rise to contradictions, difficulties in life. Often they are pursued by insurmountable obstacles that force them to look for the cause of unhappiness in the surrounding people. In fact, they need to improve themselves, to move forward always to overcome difficulties.

By nature, they are distinguished by strong will and purposefulness. They easily start any business. However, they rarely show pessimism and despondency. They are more characteristic of cheerfulness, fun. With close people, this sign relates exclusively to trust and love. They can quickly reach the goal, but for this they need discipline, and this quality is often beyond their control.

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Aquarius Rabbit Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is extremely attractive. From the Rabbits he received a magical mystery, and from Aquarius — an unusual beauty that only a connoisseur would notice. He is emotional and sensual, therefore always attracts many fans, each of whom would like to understand his soul. He is an idealist, so a woman who will possess the qualities and emotions necessary for him will suit him.

In love, he appreciates the opportunity to remain himself. It is difficult for him to impose his opinion, since he has a very persistent character. It should be noted that he is romantic, so you can get him romantically. He is reliable and faithful, but he always seeks an ideal companion, who will share his interests and passions, will not limit his freedom. And this is possible in rare cases.

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Aquarius-Man, born in the Rabbit year, in the Bed

He loves coziness, therefore in intimate relations he always strives to create the appropriate atmosphere. It is important entourage, which is different from the banal views. In addition, he will be happy if the partner does not impose on him unusual fantasies. All the standard and usually for him will be the most successful option. However, outbursts are possible, and he, too, can offer something unusual and extravagant.

He is not against intimate relationships, however, he is too intuitive, so he always knows when to switch relations from ordinary to intimate, and when not. To be interested in its one romance may not be enough. He will communicate with the girl for a long time before thinking about such relationships. It’s all about his insight and careful selection of a partner that suits him.

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Aquarius Rabbit Man in Family and Marriage

In the family he is very nice, he is always calm and nice to be around him. He is able to create a cozy atmosphere. At the same time, in communication with him, there is always a feeling of rest. He is very fond of children, so the family can have even three children. At the same time, he always tries to raise worthy people from them and most often he gets it. With his wife, the relationship is completely harmonious, since his choice was conscious.

He is one of the most domestic of the Chinese combinations of zodiac signs among Aquarius. He likes novelty and bright events, but most often he prefers to watch them on TV. In rare cases, seeks to find the right partner, even if the spouse does not suit him. It should be noted that he agrees to marriage only after a thorough analysis of the relationship. If something does not suit him, he is unlikely to decide on an alliance with this girl.

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Rabbit Aquarius Man — Career and Finance

The financial side of the issue interests these men not so often. They can learn to save if they want. But such a desire they do not often arise. They are accustomed to letting the financial affairs go by themselves, enjoying the present moment. And this often leads to difficulties. They usually do not build a career. They do not consider this the goal of life, although they can quite achieve good positions with little or no effort.

To life has become particularly friendly for this sign, they should change a little. First of all you need to learn how to negotiate with people, be sociable. The next point concerns complexes — they often spoil relations, destroy opportunities for life. Get rid of them immediately. Openness and honesty are these two qualities that should also be learned. And most importantly — you need to help others to be fueled by the necessary energy.

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