Cancer Rabbit Man

The Cancer-Rabbit man gives the impression of a soft guy, however, this is not entirely true. He is rather capricious and spoiled, always striving to find entertainment. The main thing in his life is freedom, for which he is ready to chase even to the end of the world. At the same time, he is too romantic and sensitive, so it is difficult for him to find a suitable pair because of high requirements. All his emotions and emotions he puts on the first place.

They always aspire to loneliness. They do not want to listen to someone else’s opinion, because most often it contradicts their own. They want to use all their time for productive work. Their fate often confronts with difficulties in achieving their goals, but they do an excellent job with them, achieving good results in all spheres of life, excluding personal relationships.

These are determined men who can boast of their own willpower. They are so lucky in business that they are able to start any business, even that in which they do not have the knowledge and experience. However, they should not flatter themselves that everything comes easily and effortlessly, since this opinion can lead to the collapse of all desires. Purposefulness should be maintained, forget about laziness, in order to achieve good results in career and life in general.

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Cancer Rabbit Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is quite contradictory in love. On the one hand, he seeks to subjugate his partner, so that she acts only on his orders. And on the other hand, he seeks to find in her care and material prosperity. Such contradictory demands often lead to the fact that he simply can not choose the right woman. He wants to get a partner who will still have a strong life position and ambitious plans.

He puts his desires in the first place at the very beginning of the relationship, so it happens that his girl rarely meets all the requirements and can not match his dreams. And all this makes the union impossible, or the relationship stops at a certain point without the possibility of future development. He can keep her, if only he reduces the bar, but for this he will need a lot and a long time to work on himself.

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Cancer-Man, born in the Rabbit year, in the Bed

He loves all the refined and unusual in the intimate sphere, so he likes the preparation for the action itself. It can be a certain entourage, as well as just caressing his woman. She can offer him bold and unusual experiments, from which he can refuse only in a bad mood. In general, he always positively perceives sensory experience and is happy with all offers of his beloved.

He is too freedom-loving to restrain his impulses. That is why his intimate life at an early age is full of very different events. He may be a Puritan, but it happens when he is strong enough not to look for custody on the part of the girl. In addition, he can be legible in connections. That is, to predict its relationship to bed is rather difficult, everything is decided individually.

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Cancer Rabbit Man in Family and Marriage

He can become a good husband if he is interested in this. His wife usually does not require much from him, because he understands that he is too capricious for ordinary duties. With children, he can build a good level relationship, if they do not bother him too much. It should be noted that he is a homebody, but from those types of home-stayers who would like to devote time only to themselves and their worries.

He always knows what his future wife should be like. Therefore, it always strives for a certain ideal. But his ideal is too contradictory in nature and this creates difficulties in choosing a spouse. But, in the end, he makes a choice, which to some extent suits him. He can establish good relations with his family, if he will perform at least some of his duties.

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Rabbit Cancer Man — Career and Finance

They can always achieve a good financial situation. For this they may not even need much effort. Diligence and inner instinct helps them achieve good results. Careers are also not always an end in themselves for them. They achieve everything in passing, following some higher idea. But, despite the methods of achievement, they usually get everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable life.

That events in life were always favorable, they should be softer and more circumspect in relations with other people. The ability to establish contacts will allow them to quickly achieve their goals. Also, they can be recommended to get rid of the desire to always be alone, since this is not salvation from all adversities. On the contrary, solitude can lead to difficulties and problems in realizing the set goals in the public and private spheres.

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