Gemini Rabbit Man

The Gemini-Rabbit man has the best features of both signs. From Gemini, he got mobility and enterprise, the ability to quickly find a common language with any people. And from the Rabbit — responsibility, which is not peculiar to the Gemini. As a result, a kind of perfect fusion of character and temperament is obtained. On the one hand is the serene Rabbit, and on the other the emotional, interesting and windy Gemini.

They are distinguished by their softness, delicacy and diligence. They are very independent, and imposing their wishes on them is not easy. They know how to face difficulties and never panic. These men always strive to get everything on their own and usually achieve a good position in society, make a career. However, all these accomplishments fall on the mature period of life.

For all their gentleness, these men are pragmatists and materialists. They know how to get what they want. They are very objective in assessing men or events, because they know how to see the situation from different angles. These men like to engage in public affairs and often it is difficult for them to distinguish between the general and the personal. But eventually this understanding comes to them, and they can achieve a separation of common and their interests.

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Gemini Rabbit Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he becomes especially sensitive and vulnerable. At the same time you can not say anything about it. He is always reliable, will never change his chosen one, which is not peculiar to Gemini. In love, he demonstrates the most romantic mood, which allows you to make the feelings always bright and fiery. In addition, he is responsible for the partner, which makes him attractive to many women.

Love means a lot to him. This is an opportunity for self-expression, a way out of the accumulated emotionality. However, it can be quite rational when choosing a partner, but he will never use techniques that can offend a partner. That is why, when breaking off a relationship, they often remain friends with their former partner. But in general, he is happy, as he carefully approached the choice.

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Gemini-Man, born in the Rabbit year, in the Bed

The intimate side of life for him can play a secondary role. Moreover, he is extremely sexy, can interest any woman. He can go to such a relationship before marriage, but if he went to them, he chose in favor of this woman and is ready to follow her to the end. A woman is important not to miss such a chance. Usually the intimate side of life does not cause him much emotion, but he is not against them.

He does not like bright experiments and can be satisfied with what his partner offers him. But he needs a variety from time to time, so he can offer something unusual. It should be noted that he is extremely relaxed and simple, does not hesitate of his body, even with not perfect proportions. In bed waiting for sincerity from the partner, the expression of true feelings. It is necessary for him to understand her better.

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Gemini Rabbit Man in Family and Marriage

In family relationships, it can manifest itself in different ways. On the one hand, this is a diligent host, an excellent father and husband. And on the other hand, he always has his hobbies, he tries to find something interesting besides the family. This approach allows him to be so different in relation to his wife and children. As a father, he can also not devote all his time to children, leaving for himself a little time.

He always seeks to create a family, so the marriage proposal meets with delight. However, such a distribution of events does not always happen. And the whole point is that he soberly assesses his partner and understands whether he wants to establish relations with her. If he is impressed by a girl, he will agree to her proposal. Otherwise, she will not respond to her feelings.

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Rabbit Gemini Man — Career and Finance

Career make for this sign is very simple. To do this, he has the necessary knowledge and experience. Also, his bright intuition helps him make the right decisions. That’s why they often become leaders who make talented decisions. The financial side of life does not always work out well, as they do not know how to plan the budget with high incomes. You need to learn this in order to feel what welfare is.

To make it happen, as you want these people, they need to understand their feelings, goals and plans. If something does not suit you in this life, you need to change, improve yourself. In this case, it is better to treat yourself, not too criticizing for inability to do something right. It is enough to change a little so that all plans are embodied, and the good was attracted to these people.

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