Libra Rabbit Man

The Libra-Rabbit man is very uncompetitive, soft and frivolous, but this is only the first impression. In fact, he is profound and can see the essence of people and actions. He is very fond of home comfort and often invites guests who always remain satisfied. Its softness attracts many people who think they can easily manipulate it, but it’s not, it can be tough if necessary.

Complex nature, full of contradictions, significantly complicates their lives. They can with all the force of nature to rush up, and sometimes down. These are ideological personalities who easily succumb to someone else’s influence. They lead an easy life that attracts many men to them. However, this ease for them turns into numerous problems. They need to analyze their actions in order to achieve good results in any field.

These are magnanimous and self-assured natures who go through life with a smile, easily handing out advice, money and other values. They are endowed with powerful intuition, which allows them to achieve good results in all spheres of life. But often luck leads them into a state of euphoria, which significantly hinders the implementation of the tasks set. They find it difficult to find a "golden mean" in everything, so they can be difficult to pursue.

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Libra Rabbit Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

If his lover fully corresponds to the ideals and can provide him with everything necessary, then he completely disappears into feelings. He does not need friends and even relatives, when the beloved fully corresponds to his concepts of the ideal woman. He can spend a lot of time with her if she does not mind it. Especially such devotion manifests itself at the age difference: she should be older for several years.

In love, he is passive and will wait until his beloved comes to him. Even falling in love, is unlikely to take the first step. He appreciates beauty, outer gloss, so his chosen one is most often beautiful. As for mental data, he can not pay attention to this. At the same time, he often needs a strong partner, who will lead him and save him from all problems.

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Libra-Man, born in the Rabbit year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him is very important. It’s a way to express all your emotions and feelings. In addition, he just likes the process. He is sensual and passionate, so he always responds with pleasure to the affection of his partner. It is important to caress and touch the partner, her desire to make him feel good. He, in turn, will strive for its satisfaction. This approach makes the intimate sphere simply ideal for both partners.

He is quite ready for experiments, positively relates to the fantasies of the partner. He can even offer her something new. However, he can be satisfied with a standard act that will allow him to have fun. In addition, he will try to diversify this area if his partner is too conservative. He will offer her all the most courageous with a special tact and delicacy that no girl will stand.

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Libra Rabbit Man in Family and Marriage

With the advent of children, he does not lose touch with his wife, as it happens with other guys. He can equally well manage to care for a child and wife. At the same time his house is always different. He can even cook delicious food, which can not but please his wife. With relatives, he is always friendly and can help them solve some problems. This is the ideal man for family life.

He always aspires to a marriage with a financially independent girl. He wants to shine before his and her friends. In response, the girl will get a faithful husband who can help her in many ways, for example, it is nice to meet her friends, make an excellent presentation of her family in society, he is always in a good mood for it. He is affectionate and attentive to his wife, knows how to please her and offer the maximum comfort in the house.

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Rabbit Libra Man — Career and Finance

The financial side of life rarely takes their thoughts. The fact is that they can always get what they need. Do not have to exert much effort. Careers for them — not an end in themselves, but a component of the goal of a larger idea. That’s why they are so easily given to climb the career ladder or get the amount of money they need. For them everything is given easily and simply.

To be happy, these people just follow simple recommendations. First of all, they should learn how to express themselves correctly and clearly. Also, they should always insist on their positions. Self-criticism should be moderate, otherwise these men will be at the mercy of complexes. And that the relationship with loved ones was pleasant and easy, they should open their inner world more.

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