Sagittarius Rabbit Man

The Sagittarius-Rabbit man is peace-loving and attentive to everyone around him. It combines unusual qualities not inherent in Rabbit or Sagittarius, namely the desire to make your home not just cozy for yourself, but also for your household. Usually he loves and respects them without any obligations. In addition, he is talented, so he can achieve a lot in life without much effort. Its internal potential is high, it only needs to realize it.

They are exceptionally strong personalities who can show willpower, find the strength to achieve their goals. Pride and independence often put these men in isolation, but this does not frighten them. On the contrary, they are happy to be alone, because then you do not have to take someone else’s point of view or perform some unpleasant actions for yourself. And they can become successful if they change their ideas about others a little.

Courage, determination and confidence are combined in these people. They are richly endowed with nature — they can realize their talents, achieve success. However, they inherent mysticism leads to the fact that they idealize some thing or some person. And this already leads to idolatry. Because of the unstable psyche, most men resort to professional help to get out of this state.

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Sagittarius Rabbit Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He has an excellent intuition, so he always makes the right decisions when choosing a woman. His qualities, common interests are important to him, he rarely pays attention to her material prosperity. It is also important for him to understand from her side. By all these criteria he will make a careful choice. If he gets such a woman, he will not look for any other relationship, exchange for many.

In love, he shows his best qualities. He is adequate and attentive to the partner. However, he has periods of unstable mood, and this can negatively affect relations. He is constant and will not change the partner, if you are confident in her feelings, will not seek adventures on the side. It is these qualities that make it especially interesting for girls when creating relationships.

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Sagittarius-Man, born in the Rabbit year, in the Bed

He can well adapt to his chosen one. He may like traditional postures, as well as unusual experiments. For closeness, he needs a certain environment, which will allow him to feel calm and comfortable. Also, his woman should have certain qualities — be bold, determined and attentive to his desires. In this case, the affinity with it turns into a fairy tale.

He does not put intimate relations in the head of relations. Spiritual relations are important to him, therefore, he often seeks spiritual unity. However, this does not mean that he does not accept intimate relationships. They bring him a certain joy and satisfaction. He feels loved and desired, and that’s a lot for this emotional guy. In addition, he always needs emotional support.

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Sagittarius Rabbit Man in Family and Marriage

Inside the family, relationships are usually built smooth. He respects every one of his household, and this allows him to establish a comfortable relationship. In addition, he is very fond of children and tries to give them more of his time. With them, he has friendly relations. Relationships with relatives can not be taken care of, but he does not suffer from this, the main thing is that the atmosphere in his house is cozy and friendly, where he will always be supported and understood.

Marriage for him means a lot, because he loves coziness and tries to find for himself a partner who would share his interests. Most often, he chooses his wife by her qualities and, of course, is guided by her feelings. As a result, he is happy with his wife and throughout their life they are connected by a very tender relationship, understanding and even passion. And all this is due to his romantic mood and the right choice.

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Rabbit Sagittarius Man — Career and Finance

Persistence, purposefulness and willpower allow them to achieve excellent career outcomes. They may not have a specific plan for building a career, but some impulses help them achieve a good position. And this becomes the basis for stability in finance. However, their inability to manage finances will simply allow them to live in prosperity, but not to become rich.

These men always need to remain calm, because unrest can lead to instability of the psyche. They need to be critical of themselves, not their close people. Criticism will change your way of life, and this will lead to development. More attention should be paid to setting goals. Given these recommendations, they can achieve a lot in life, including in the sphere of personal relationships.

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