Scorpio Rabbit Man

The Scorpio-Rabbit man is extremely attractive and immediately fascinates the people around with his timid looks and timid manners. However, behind his appearance lies the guy a fighter who is very dangerous. He has a strong will, a determination to act, he can always stand up for himself. From Scorpio and Rabbit he received intuition, which in this combination is doubled. He uses any situation for benefit.

They are men with strong intuition and deep emotionality. They can be realized in life, putting on their ambition and talents. To realize their creative abilities, they should travel more often, more nurture themselves with positive emotions. These men have everything to achieve prosperity — they are talents, dedication, luck, ability to achieve their goals. In this case, the variability of nature can lead to a different result.

They are self-confident, ambitious and purposeful. Ability to set goals is their positive trait, and inability to bring things to an end is their biggest drawback. Often persistence allows them to achieve good results in everything. Also, they combine childish traits with senile wisdom. They are pragmatists by nature, which perfectly adapt to a particular system. Their main drawback is the distortion of the truth in favor of their ego.

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Scorpio Rabbit Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is dramatic and always suffers from unspoken feelings. And this is because he simply does not accept a woman as she is. All this creates difficulties and misunderstandings in the union. At the same time he is sensual and passionate, can truly love. He is characterized by loyalty and reliability, he can make the union lasting, but his desire to get something more leads to a collapse in the relationship.

He always has certain requirements for a partner. It should not only have certain qualities, but also be very promising. He completely transfers his ambitions to it. If it does not correspond to his ideas, then he will usually make claims to her until she does not change, or he does not dare to give it up. That is why, his relations are not always good.

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Scorpio-Man, born in the Rabbit year, in the Bed

In bed, he loves everything delicate, starting from the entourage. As a rule, he tries to arrange the action special way to get aesthetic pleasure. In communication with a woman usually adheres to a leadership position. It is important for him to be first and foremost to get satisfaction. It should be noted that he will receive it without thinking about his partner, her desires and feelings.

The intimate life for him is always full of passions. He does not think about the moral side of the issue and can quite rush into the abyss of passion, if the girl he likes. It should be noted that it can be very adamant if it is part of the game. Usually for this sphere of relations the girl who simply likes him, rather than by her personal qualities or by common interests chooses. That’s what sets him apart from the other guys.

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Scorpio Rabbit Man in Family and Marriage

He always seeks novelty, so he can rarely get along with one partner. He wants to be a leader in the family, and he does not understand that some functions still need to be passed on to the woman. And this gives rise to disagreements and disputes, the discord of relations. That is why he often remains alone, if he decides that he needs self-realization, not family, birth and upbringing of children.

In adulthood, he can easily find a partner for himself, because he is already wise in his experience and can set priorities in relations. As a rule, he plays the role of an invisible leader, can make all important decisions. With children, rather a friend than a father, therefore has little authority, because of what they suffer from discipline. Otherwise, his family relations are very positive, if he simply takes note of the necessary standards.

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Rabbit Scorpio Man — Career and Finance

Perseverance, dedication and ability to work allow them to make a career. However, sometimes bursts of laziness and indifference lead to the fact that they throw all the cases. The financial side of life is very important to them, but they do not always know how to manage their money. As a result, they are making good money, barely making ends meet. That’s why they should be firmer in everything to become successful.

They should study their inner world more. For efficiency in everything, it is worth stopping at least sometimes and thinking about the need for this or that step. It is necessary to develop modesty in oneself and to restrain selfishness so that the relations with relatives are smooth and smooth. It is also necessary to avoid undue influence on relatives, not to ignore communication with them. These recommendations will help them achieve more in life.

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