Taurus Rabbit Man

The Taurus-Rabbit man most of all in his life strive for balance, comfort and tranquility. Therefore, he rarely becomes the instigator of any disputes. But at the same time he has a well-developed sense of justice and if the dispute has begun, he will proudly stand his point of view. One can not help noticing his natural charm, which all the surrounding people are subjected to, so most often he has many friends.

They are characterized by one main feature – tolerance. Rabbit-Tauruses are patient with all, and this often leads to difficulties in their personal lives. These men need to learn a lot to get what they want. However, they do not know how to use their intuition, and this leads them to fatal mistakes. At the same time, these men have a number of advantages that attract the good things of life and good women to them.

By nature, it is a bright type with strong desires and possibilities. They can achieve excellent results in life if they correctly direct their energy. To do this, they often just use intuition. Purposefulness is supported by knowledge. This is a highly intelligent type that always strives for more. They are disgusted with everyday life, so they can break away and look for something new.

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Taurus Rabbit Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he manifests himself as a gentle and affectionate partner who will be attentive to his beloved. He is very perceptive, so he can anticipate the mood of another person and allow him to easily get out of a depressed state. The same demands he makes on his partner, desiring to receive from her the maximum attention, care and love.

Thanks to his sober mind, as well as a high sense of justice, he can seem older than his years. All these qualities he manifests in personal relationships, so it is almost impossible to make a short or a holiday romance with him, since he is in search of true love. Perhaps, that’s why he starts new acquaintances cautiously, and also moves to a new stage of relations.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Rabbit year, in the Bed

In view of his exceptional sensitivity, he knows in advance what his partner wants from him, so he will try to give maximum pleasure. However, this can lead to the fact that he himself can forget about his needs and desires. He needs a really sensitive and attentive woman who can take care of him. Very important for him is the environment that will help him tune in to the right way.

In intimate relations, he seems to be a very sensual and passionate partner. However, he can easily mask all his feelings, so on the part may even seem cold and indifferent. In this area, he does not prefer to dominate, considering that all actions and initiative should be manifested by his mistress. Together with this he is ready for various experiments, which he will take with enthusiasm.

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Taurus Rabbit Man in Family and Marriage

It should also be noted that he is very jealous. In view of this, he can often fall asleep to his wife with numerous questions and questions. He also gets a good father who can bring up optimistic people who are sober looking at the world. Family for him means really very much, so for her, he can even quit his job and shine it completely.

He loves home comfort very much, therefore from it the fine owner which will give all forces to the house turns out. In this case, it will not clutter the rooms with unnecessary things, preferring to leave a maximum of free space and space. With all relatives and close people, he tries to maintain an even relationship, giving everyone maximum attention and giving his optimism to everyone.

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Rabbit Taurus Man — Career and Finance

The financial side of the issue plays an important role for them. They will experience difficulties at an early age, but then they will be able to achieve all that is necessary. And they will be able to achieve everything with their knowledge, talent and skills. This combination often leads to positive results. They can become leaders, come to material prosperity. Luck also helps them, but they make a big bet on their knowledge.

To achieve everything in life, they should find their identity and start expressing emotions. This will allow them to find a point of support for moving forward. When setting goals, you really need to assess your desires and strengths. At the same time, one must remember that it is not bad at all to wish for good, on the contrary it is an excellent desire, but within reasonable limits. If you understand this question, you need to be careful not to roll in the opposite direction — egoism.

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