Virgo Rabbit Man

The Virgo Rabbit man is extremely disciplined and in his life there is nothing accidental. In fact, he wants to lead a more relaxed way of life, but in reality he prefers a clear system and attention to detail. It is interesting that he pays much attention to the comfort of his close people. It is not peculiar to Rabbits, but in this combination it is quite realized. He loves persistence and reliability in everything.

These men seem many good-natured and confident, but inside they are constantly tormented by contradictions. Their external softness and delicacy look organically, but they find it difficult to support this game. Often they despise others, because they are too different from themselves. Therefore, they rarely take someone else’s opinion into account, trying to act only from their positions.

They know how to work with the result. Their ability to see a person through and through allows them to make good decisions. However, they rarely use knowledge to harm others. These men easily adapt to the circumstances, can tolerate significant inconvenience. Inability to express their discontent often leads them to nervous breakdowns, but they can not change. With all diligence, they can not collect what has been achieved in a single whole.

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Virgo Rabbit Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is passive, so a woman should be the first to make a step toward rapprochement. If a woman does not take this step, then he will leave it as it is, although he will worry that he has not realized any of his goals. If he lives with a partner, he is unlikely to make a decision about the break, because he absolutely does not like changes and new ideas in life. He is important stability, it is on this quality that he focuses on choosing a partner.

He is an owner by nature, so he always seeks to set boundaries for it. In turn, he expects from the partner material assistance, custody. Ideally, he would like to completely shift to her all the problems and deal exclusively with their own affairs. It should be noted that this scenario is realized in his case. In love, he is faithful and reliable, he will never do anything unpleasant for a partner.

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Virgo-Man, born in the Rabbit year, in the Bed

An intimate life for him, above all, is romantic. He expects from the partner the correct registration of the action itself. It’s not in his habits to do something in a hurry, he likes leisure and peace. Therefore, it is solved on the sex with great difficulty. In addition, he seeks to find a partner not for her personal qualities, but for material wealth, and this choice makes any relationship unpleasant only for him.

In dreams, he presents himself completely differently, so often his desires remain unrealized. In his dreams he is more relaxed and successful in love, but in reality he obeys the wishes of the partner, and often does not have his own desires. That’s why he does not always get what he so much wanted. It should be noted that the intimate sphere of the relationship for him is quite important.

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Virgo Rabbit Man in Family and Marriage

He is always looking for a partner to create a strong and reliable relationship. Therefore, he enters into the union quite at an early age. He should not hesitate with this question. It should be noted that he makes a choice according to the heart and from mercantile reasons. In this situation, he is happy. However, if his choice is dictated only by the material part of the relationship, there will be no happiness in the union.

He usually represents a pretty good husband, who always seeks to do good for his family. He is comfortable with him, since he knows how to please any member of the family, even in small things. At the same time, he does not get much trouble doing this. As a result, he is happy, as he is surrounded by loving children and his wife. From the environment, he requires material stability and sincere feelings for himself.

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Rabbit Virgo Man — Career and Finance

The financial side of life rarely worries them. They can enjoy fine wine and just drink a glass of water. They do not care where to sleep, what to eat. The main thing for them is an idea, for which they can chase for years. And thanks to the ability to work hard and to work hard, reach some heights. This ability allows them to get good results in career ascent, as well as in finance.

These men need more control over themselves, their lives, their own words. If they just try to use this rule, you can immediately notice how things change around. They should appreciate and respect their principles, do not abandon them even in the name of feelings. In their case, the rejection of principles, on the contrary, destroys the relationship. Attitudes toward oneself should be more gentle and loyal, so that others treat them better.

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