Cancer Rat Man

The Cancer-Rat man likes to stay at home to enjoy his domestic activities. It is homework, solitude that allows him to tune in to a harmonious perception of reality. He does not like noisy companies and parties, preferring to engage in his home. At the same time, he does not like to receive guests, because he thinks he has spent too much energy on his house. In relations, he is conservative and reserved.

These men are always set for good luck. Even in the presence of obstacles, they try to bypass them. In this case, they use their wit and ingenuity. Usually they are lucky, as they show enviable perseverance and perseverance. They are addicted to work, family creation and other ideas. In doing so, they do so not for other purposes, but for the sake of these categories themselves. They are creatively gifted and can actively use their talents.

Self-confidence and bright willpower helps them easily overcome all life’s difficulties. They are always carried away by some idea, so other men consider them to be a source of knowledge and promising ideas. They have good inclinations of the actor, so they can achieve excellent results in this area. Their intransigence and perseverance, bright mind, intuition allow them to achieve excellent results in life.

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Cancer Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He hardly finds a woman for himself, since he generally does not like new acquaintances and prefers to turn in his circle. In addition, he is too incredulous to quickly find a common language with a woman. Usually he selects a lover from among his acquaintances, as these relationships are settled, and he can not worry about cheating. In this case, he does not need to show his suspicion.

He is very prudent in love, so he always evaluates the partner from a material point of view. He rarely falls in love without looking back, indulging in a romantic mood. His love is a calculation of reliability and a desire to find common ground in interests. In addition, he completely shifts all cares and initiative in a relationship to a girl. And many girls like it, because they completely control it.

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Cancer-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

He is suspicious and inappropriately closed, so he decides to be close with great apprehension. However, he should just evaluate his partner to stop doubting her. In this case, he can be really happy with the attention of his chosen one, as well as her tenderness and care. He usually decides on this relationship, if he loves his chosen one and trusts her one hundred percent.

He loves all the most simple, so the bed for him should be simple and safe. He will be happy if his partner does not demand from him something unusual, forced to experiment. He will also be happy if she takes the initiative, and he will simply obey. This arrangement is most suitable for him. It must be remembered that the entourage is not important to him, the main thing is trust and love.

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Cancer Rat Man in Family and Marriage

He is an intelligent father who will know how to realize the talents of his children. He creatively approaches their upbringing, very much appreciates their friendship. However, he often imposes his own desires, which he did not realize himself. That’s why he should be softer and take the children’s opinion into consideration. With the wife of such relations does not develop, as he completely submits to her and listens to her opinion.

Marriage for him is the only salvation from all the difficulties of communication. In marriage, he begins to feel more confident, can easily solve many problems. As a rule, he hardly gets used to a new role, but then she even carries away it. As a result, he becomes the ideal master, who succeeds. He does all the things with ease and with great benefit.

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Rat Cancer Man — Career and Finance

The financial sphere of life plays an important role for them. They will try to achieve prosperity or even just stability in order to simply be able to get all the best. However, often the financial well-being of these men is not related to career plans. They can make a career — scientific or acting, and the means to receive from other sources. Such an unusual state make them unique among other people.

These men are encouraged to pay more attention to their individuality and character development. It is worth remembering that responsible cases can be shifted to other shoulders in some cases to facilitate their lives. You can not stay away from the world, as this will not lead to anything positive, it is better to be among other people. It is enough to remember that others would like to receive their help, this will be the main incentive to abandon the hermitage.

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