Capricorn Rat Man

Capricorn-Rat men are real pedants who always strive for order. They all have their own plans, if they break, then this is a real stress for them. They are neat, always do the things they planned. Only this approach is considered correct. Relationships will be built only with a promising person, since they always have far-reaching plans. They are quite predictable, the main thing is to understand their character.

These men are very self-assured in achieving their goals. This self-confidence can have a basis in the form of knowledge and skills, and in some cases be groundless. They always try to come to victory, using not always the right methods. They inherent in the idealization of reality, and this creates contradictions between them, other people and reality. They should understand that success can come only thanks to hard work.

The nature of these men is full of contradictions. On the one hand, they can only realize positive character traits, on the other hand only negative traits. Such extremes are inherent in these people. But while they are optimistic and life-loving. They are quickly carried away by ideas, and do not genuinely understand why other men do not share their enthusiasm. But they themselves are not distinguished by long-suffering, and when they fail, they seek new ideas for the incarnation.

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Capricorn Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is looking for a stable and reliable relationship. It is important for him to be confident in his partner, her intentions, and also in the fact that her love will last a long time. Only being confident of this, he will start a relationship. It should be noted that it is not easy for him to start a relationship, since he is incredulous, prudent and always tries to find support in a new acquaintance. If he succeeds, then he will continue the relationship.

He always knows all the features of everyday affairs, so he can not be caught unawares. Capricorn-Rat quickly arranges life, as soon as he is given such an opportunity. Since it is always reliable, and all because he understands these issues better than anyone else. He is charming and attracts girls, but rarely converges with someone at once. He needs time until he analyzes the situation, and after that he will move on to the continuation of communication and arrangement of life.

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Capricorn-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

The intimate life for him is full of everything unknown. He is emotional and sensual, therefore this important component of relations attracts him. After rapprochement with a woman, he will not hesitate and will turn to seduction. He is so charming that he will attract a woman. As a result, he will stun her with her pressure and desire, and she will only have to obey. He waits and gives the most vivid satisfaction.

He may not like the intimate experience with the girl, and then he, most likely, will break off the relationship. His own spiritual comfort is important to him. It should be noted that most often he seeks spiritual unity, rather than physical, although this aspect is important for him. As a rule, communication with him with such relations will be only a formality, as he will develop relations only on the basis of a community of interests, and not on the physical aspect.

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Capricorn Rat Man in Family and Marriage

He always plays a secondary role in relations, although he often takes all major decisions. He is quite cruel and unbending, although outwardly it seems charming and soft. Certain principles allow him to achieve much from life, including in relationships. He is a good father who helps children achieve a lot by using different traits. He instills in them all the necessary qualities for this.

He always aspires to family relations. However, his excessive intelligibility delays this moment. But on the other hand, this approach allows you to find the right girl and be happy. Only when he is convinced that the chosen one is suitable to him, he will give consent to marriage. That’s why he hesitates with an answer, but gives it once and for all. And after that he will love his wife, but in his own way.

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Rat Capricorn Man — Career and Finance

They are active and energetic, so they can achieve almost any position. These men can not set as an end in themselves career building, but are aimed at success. And this is a powerful impulse, which always receives a response. As a result, they often occupy high positions. The financial side of their life may not be of interest, since they are ascetics by nature, they can be satisfied with small things. But at the same time, for relatives, they usually achieve prosperity in the financial sphere.

It is always worth it to seek harmony between the outer and the inner world. Abilities and talents will have to be identified and developed throughout life. The opinion of others should become for them an informative grain in order to achieve more than they are at a certain point in life. Other people’s advice can also become the basis of their own success. It is worthwhile to build a romantic relationship, so that they only rejoice.

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