Gemini Rat Man

The Gemini-Rat man impresses those around him with his intuition, the ability to communicate on almost any subject and with flashing humor. He is always a welcome interlocutor, and also a friend. If someone else thinks about something, he has already understood everything and made an opinion about this subject. That’s why you should be careful with this guy who always knows that he will be two steps ahead. It is interesting to start with him in any relationship.

These are very energetic men who can influence the lives of others. They are so charming and attractive outwardly that those around them immediately take them in their company. This is an important quality that helps them achieve everything in life. This wealth, prosperity and ability to establish contacts. At the same time in family life, they sometimes can not reach a harmonious relationship.

They are good-natured, cheerful and energetic, regardless of situations. They are not very ambitious, so they are quite content with the small. They are always optimistic, which makes their life much more pleasant than it can be. Equity and reliability are their main qualities in friendship. With them you can plan joint business, not being afraid that they will let you down. But they are always demanding of themselves and others in particular.

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Gemini Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He quickly and easily gets a new relationship. He is attractive and intelligent, so he can always find a partner quickly. At the same time, it is not natural for him to think about the essence of relations. He just sails on a wave of feelings. It should be noted that, seeing the shortcomings of a partner, will not tolerate them and just run up with her, replacing her with another. He studies a partner, so he always loves something new.

He begins to think about creating a real relationship rather late. The thing is that he has many other interests that he is trying to satisfy. As soon as he comes to mature age, he understands that the family is the most important priority in life. That’s why after 35 he is ready for a serious relationship and seeks to create a real strong family with children and numerous relatives.

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Gemini-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him is quite an interesting adventure. He is ready for experiments, he can get carried away, but he does all this only to gain experience. He is interested in everything new and unusual. If he does not arrange a partner, he will look for someone more interesting in bed. In fact, he just waits for a certain behavior, which can not always wait. As a result, he often changes his partner.

He is not so interested in the intimate side of marriage when creating a family. He likes to be the master, to raise children. However, a partner can ignite feelings in him, his sensuality. But for this you need to constantly surprise him, because otherwise he quickly switches interest to another object. Most of all he likes to talk, and the bed is only an addition to understanding each other.

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Gemini Rat Man in Family and Marriage

He seldom consciously strives to marry. Most often marries under the influence of circumstances. Most often, she prefers light, non-binding relationships. He treats children with coolness, that’s why he almost never wants to create a family. He is more impressed by simple relations, which he can quickly cancel and start new ones. This approach distinguishes him from many guys.

He can create a decent family if he aspires to this. The fact is that in adulthood, he understands that the family is too important for him, so he makes a choice in her favor. However, he can make the choice of the partner mindlessly, which often makes him unhappy and makes him seek new comfort. That’s why it’s so difficult to get along with him.

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Rat Gemini Man — Career and Finance

Financial well-being is not an important sphere of life for them. They can give up this prosperity if the welfare of the public is put on the stake. Career plans for them do not always have prospects. They can make a career, but if it is convenient for them, they will not interfere with their life. But even this situation does not create difficulties with finances. Usually they thrive, especially without aspiring to it.

They should abandon their insistence and desire to control others, it is better to seek personal goals than to follow social progress. You have to build your life to achieve happiness in your personal life. To do this, you have to work hard, develop and constantly control your character. You must learn to recognize your mistakes and learn from them. Only by accepting these recommendations, these men will be able to build their lives as they will be pleasant and comfortable.

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