Leo Rat Man

The Leo-Rat man has a complex character and is full of contradictions, so he often does not understand himself. He needs to find support to understand himself and others, but it will take years. The Leo is always generous and open to the world, has unclear goals, but this only creates a charm for him. The Rat is petty and not ready for social life. In addition, the Rat does not always strive for transcendental distances, all of its goals are simple and understandable.

These men belong to the terrestrial types. They will always strive for material goods, and receive them in full. At the same time, their pragmatism and analysis of any events allows them to achieve excellent results. They never dream, but clearly set goals and objectives, which they manage to solve in full. Possessing diligence, they rarely fail in the implementation of tasks.

They differ in their bright character. They are determined, arrogant and powerful men. They never agree to second roles, so personal and working relationships are always painted in the colors of the struggle. They are patient and persevering, therefore they reach the end in everything. When setting goals, they may not have difficulties, but often in the course of implementation they can doubt and worry about the correctness of their actions.

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Leo Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is reliable, but relatively. He can be faithful, loyal, but if his partner corresponds to his ideas. It is important for him that she was exceptional not only for him, but also for others. In addition, he must feel material well-being in the form of an apartment and other things. In this case, he will not only be betrayed, but also in love. This combination of qualities often gives rise to misunderstanding, but it is exactly this.

Love for him is something ordinary, so he does not always attach importance to it. It is important for him to shine and be a leader, then even love will be a great feeling for him. It should be noted that generosity and breadth of heart are often replaced by pettiness and immense economy, and this gives rise to bewilderment among others. As a result, his lover may simply not understand this riddle guy and would prefer to leave forever.

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Leo-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

He refers to an intimate life ambiguously. On the one hand, he is sensual and passionate, and on the other hand it is important for him to simply get the chosen one into his wife. He can demonstrate desire, but rarely gives up in return. It is important for him to be loved, but often the love in this case is one-sided. He does not understand that love is a mutual feeling, which must be supported, so that both are pleased together.

He can enjoy intimacy in any place, since for him the situation is sometimes not important. However, there are periods when he wants royal attitudes and attention. Such a contradiction lies in his character. Therefore, in one period he wants to receive attention signs, caresses, and in others simply goes into himself. That is why, it is difficult to understand his beloved, what exactly he loves in intimate relations.

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Leo Rat Man in Family and Marriage

Marriage for him is a real salvation from many problems. He can decide in this case personal, emotional and material difficulties. It is simply important for him to understand the value of the family in order to feel happy and to find the fulcrum he is looking for all his life. He must allow himself to become happy. And the material difficulties he is accustomed to solve with the help of a woman who completely shifts the worries about him to herself.

He shows himself in the family from the best side. He is attentive to the household, may even please them. However, he wants to receive respect and attention from others, and this can only be received in the family in full. As a result, the family can become a refuge for him or a heavy-duty. Emotional instability can also be compensated for by family relationships.

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Rat Leo Man — Career and Finance

The career plans of these men can be properly programmed. However, they are too intolerant and willful to be able to establish the right connections with the leadership. And the inability to find common ground leads to the fact that they are simply not allowed to grow up the career ladder. Financial well-being plays for them the main role of life, since the earthiness of nature requires certain benefits and even luxury.

These men should constantly learn to communicate, develop their best qualities. Sometimes they should dream, because excessive earthiness often gives rise to rejection from others. We need to respect the interests and opinions of others so that communication is positive and productive. It is worth more to trust close people, because they can help in solving doubts. Self-development for these men is the first and main condition for an easy life.

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