Libra Rat Man

The Libra-Rat man is unique: he will always find a common language with any person. In this case, Libra gives this combination of signs — gloss and the desire for luxury. The Rat gives him such qualities — dedication, steadiness and attention to detail. He can do several things at once and everything is equally good. Relationships with ease and can quickly develop them if desired. But he will never do it if the partner does not suit him.

These men are very special. They differ from the general mass of a special worldview. At the same time, they are strong spiritually and physically men who are endowed with firm principles. They seldom deviate from their principles, always rationally assess reality. They perfectly manage any situation, they can help the surrounding council and financially. For them, there are no barriers in anything, since they know a lot and are able to implement any plans for life.

These people are favorites of fortune. She gives them a variety of talents, which are usually useful to them in life. They are determined and purposeful, so they can achieve a lot. Complete indifference to material goods is balanced by ambition. Usually they are striving for a good social status. To do this, these men are ready to overcome any complexity obstacles. Responsibility and adherence to principles are two more qualities inherent in these individuals.

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Libra Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

It’s hard to attract such men. Dear gifts and other signs of attention do not always hit the target, although very pleasant. It should be noted that in women it attracts the breadth of the soul, saving and avarice in a woman will immediately put an end to the relationship. He still loves quality ornate compliments, as they allow him to understand how good he is. If a woman does not do them, she will be hurt.

He is arrogant, therefore, he can not always adequately assess the partner. Can in advance attribute her negative characteristics and shake his confidence in this is impossible. This is a special character store, which it is better not to fight, as the results can not be achieved. He does not change in love practically. He does not lose his business qualities, grasp and ability to bring things to a logical end.

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Libra-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

He believes that intimate relationships are the sphere in which he plays the main role. He loves a romantic setting, despite all his practicality. He will like a beautiful bed with silk underwear. Undoubtedly, these qualities are inherent more to Libra than to Rat, but, nevertheless, it is precisely these attributes that can win the heart of this guy for a long time. He always aspires to diversity, so he needs to be amazed.

You can surprise him with different experiments and unusual fantasies. He loves long caresses, a traditional and unusual act, in which absolutely everything is possible. At the same time, he aspires to full pleasure, often forgetting about the partner. If a girl is selfish to his desires, he will not forget this and is unlikely to decide to repeat the experience. It is important for him to be the first, and if the girl dictates her rules, he will quickly part with it.

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Libra Rat Man in Family and Marriage

In marriage, this is an ideal partner, as here he will perform all the affairs at a high level. He strives for creation and therefore his family is always strong and reliable. At the same time, it allows a woman to be the first in every respect, since it is important for him to have an ordinary family and even better than others. In addition, he always eager to have children. He is a wonderful father who will help children achieve much in life through a personal example.

With relatives, he is quite correct, but not always sincere. The fact is that he sees the true face of everyone, so it is difficult for him to respect anyone, if for no reason. But apparently everything looks pretty decent, even with its negative attitude. It should be noted that such relationships are not acceptable to them in the family circle, so most often his wife and children will have to improve in order to achieve the ideal.

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Rat Libra Man — Career and Finance

These men do not consider material wealth the main thing in life. They can spend their money irrationally. They also tend to help others not only with advice, but also with large amounts of money. This attracts dishonest men to them, but thanks to their insight, they can always highlight their dishonorable circle of care. Career ascent is favorable.

These men are recommended to be more careful with loved ones. We must remember that they are the mainstay and the rear, which should be quite their general. And their attention can make them not just happy, but happy. It is also worth abandoning such a character trait as arrogance, since it does not allow you to sometimes correctly build relationships with other people. These men should rest more to feel happy.

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