Pisces Rat Man

The Pisces-Rat man is an unusual combination. On the one hand — it’s a restless and active Rat, and on the other — a fixed and passive Pisces. As a result, a type is born that will be able to deal with all matters particularly successfully. Piscean’s thoughtfulness and clear analysis of the Rats will allow him to make a good career and find a beloved woman. His bright emotionality in this combination does not become a source of problems for the psyche.

These men are endowed with strong intuition, thanks to which they achieve the best in life. They can quickly assess any team and decide on the need for communication. They are creative men, in whom there are also leadership inclinations. However, they can not always realize two qualities at once. These are excellent innovators who can transform any situation for the better, including their own lives.

By nature, these are quite contradictory men. On the one hand, they can achieve great success. On the other hand, they often suppress their bold undertakings. Their destiny and life is completely in their hands — they always have to make a choice in favor of an easy or difficult path. They are lucky, who, even if they get lost on the way, will be able to find the right path. Leadership makings are highly developed in them, so they always try to subordinate others.

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Pisces Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He will be happy with a reliable woman who will surround him with all sorts of care. At the initial stage of the relationship, he will seek the stability of the material, but then really love it. That is, again there is a combination of unusual qualities of the Pisces with its sensitivity and the analytical mind of the Rat. But that’s what makes him feel comfortable and nice with his chosen one.

In love, he becomes a real romantic. He rarely falls in love, but, falling in love, becomes especially affectionate. His love is deep and reliable, no one can shake her, even the absence of feelings on the part of the partner. If there are hassles and quarrels in the relationship, he will simply leave, because he will not want to violate that inner harmony of love that he received after the birth of trembling feelings in his heart.

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Pisces-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

Intimate life is very interesting for him. This is earthly joy, which he uses to his advantage. The benefits can be very different — getting pleasure, attracting a partner. However, it is this attitude that gives him support in this area. He is romantic and gentle, so he always tries to prepare carefully for the action. It is important for him to be on top, like a chosen one, so he can gain experience from books.

He can have different ideas and desires in this area. As a rule, he has a tendency to everything simple, but often he is visited by unusual fantasies. Therefore, he may not be satisfied with ordinary affinity. It is important for him to get a new experience, so he will try to force the partner to follow him into the world of pleasures. At the same time, he does not look vulgar, as here he remains a gentle and tremulous guy.

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Pisces Rat Man in Family and Marriage

He is inherently a family man and wants to get married from an early age. At the same time he chooses his wife according to certain parameters. Having made a choice, he will be able to attract her and bring his hands and heart to the offer. He is always in the family center. He is not a leader, but an energy spring that allows all family members to feel calm and comfortable. His family rarely quarrels, as he tries to prevent them.

He chooses his wife according to certain parameters. He is just so helpless and trembling. From the Rat he received a powerful mind and intuition, and this allows him to even manipulate people. I must say that he rarely uses this opportunity. In addition, his family always very carefully and lovingly treat him, beginning with his wife, children and ending with the most distant relatives. And this allows him to feel comfortable.

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Rat Pisces Man — Career and Finance

They are successful businessmen and even just performers. They always know how to properly distribute energy in order to achieve the goal. At the same time they usually find the sphere in which their talents and abilities will receive a special sound. The financial side of the career does not bother them a lot, because thanks to their perseverance and work, everything goes into their hands without much effort at first sight.

These men can not measure all life values with their ambitions. Saying should become softer, and the desire to subordinate is not so intrusive. You can not always show disregard for others, as this will have a bad effect on the relationship as a whole. It is also worth thinking about how to correctly allocate your energy in order to become successful and prosperous in all spheres of life.

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