Sagittarius Rat Man

The Sagittarius Rat man is very charming and can make a good impression. He is in contact with everyone, his circle of friends is incredibly wide. He can always be at the right moment, in the right place and this allows him to achieve all the necessities of life. He never holds evil, expresses to people everything as is and this makes life much easier for him and others around him. He always manages to do everything he has planned.

These men are bright leaders who can lead the masses. They have a powerful energy that charges everyone around. Their work capacity is excellent, they are not afraid of any work. The creativity and initiative of these men always leads to positive results. They are tuned to a two-way perception of reality — general and detailed, so they never miss a chance that would lead them to success.

By nature, these men are determined and strong-willed, they have a solid, one-eyed view of the world around them. Usually they all develop favorably, so they can become prosperous and successful in their personal and social life. Persistence and persistence of views helps them attract other people to themselves. They are leaders who do not know compromises and are not afraid of negative attitudes towards themselves from other people.

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Sagittarius Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He quickly falls in love, but does not dwell on this feeling for long. And the thing is that he needs to do a lot, and he can not stand still. In addition, he always pursues a new and unusual, and his companion must either chase along with him, or stay far behind and forever. It is by interest that you can hook this guy and hold him for a long time, perhaps forever.

If he is in love with the present, he will certainly try to have his partner correspond to him. It will interest her in everything she does. However, such a relationship will quickly bore him, and he will break. Ideally, when his girlfriend is ready to follow him. He is not a leader in relations, but will dictate joint leisure. And he does it so charmingly that he can not be denied.

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Sagittarius-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

He is very sensual and always looking for new relationships, sometimes only for experience. The fact is that he can search for ideal love, and carnal love will become for him a certain tester. He often changes his partner, but if he is satisfied with one, he will not advertise his connections with others. It is this interesting approach that he uses to preserve relations. Otherwise, he is an open and honest guy.

He likes variety, so routine in bed is not for him. He should enjoy all imaginable and unthinkable ways. Then he will feel that the new experience was not in vain. In addition, he requires a partner of a certain entourage. It can be anything, but not a bedroom with a banal bed. It can be any room, but everything should happen unexpectedly, spontaneously for both.

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Sagittarius Rat Man in Family and Marriage

He appreciates family relationships, so he always does everything to get as many benefits as possible. For him, the family often becomes an additional incentive for earnings. Relationships within the family can help to establish friendly relations. He is valued and loved, and this is the main thing and for this he is ready for much. It should be noted that the value in this case will be not only money, but also his love, and attention to the household.

He can be fascinated by his wife for a long time, in their relationship a passion that slips, which is not surprising in the fiery temperament of this guy. The relationship with the friends is friendly, but he enjoys a considerable authority. It should be noted that he gets many children, because he loves them and is ready to devote his life to them. And he does it, because he copes with any case.

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Rat Sagittarius Man — Career and Finance

The financial sphere of life takes these men seriously. They want material benefits and strive for it in every possible way. Usually they make a good career, reaching the top positions. But having bright leadership features, they can not successfully manage the team, because they do not know how to objectively assess the potential of other people. Over time, they can learn this, become softer, more attentive.

These men need to get to know such a concept as democracy. This will make their life much easier, teach them completely different communication. Diplomacy is another important quality that needs to be learned. Having planned a goal, do not turn off the road, as this will get the best results. Their mistakes must be recognized so that mutual understanding with other people is more complete, and the working attitude is built more smoothly.

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