Scorpio Rat Man

The Scorpio-Rat man is silent and mysterious and it seems that nothing can embarrass him or stop him. In fact, he does all the necessary actions without advertising. This is an important quality that distinguishes him from many guys. He has a strong character, will, but at the same time he is the most difficult guy with whom you can not always find a common language quickly and easily. He seeks security, which is usually found in the family or relationships.

These are ideologically-principled men. They never deviate from their principles and ideals of life. They are impulsive, so they often enter into discussions with opponents, but in a dispute with them, truth is rarely born. At the same time they are optimistic, believe in miracles, can always remain themselves regardless of social values. They are talented and hardworking, so they can always achieve excellent life positions.

This is a strong type of men who belong to the creators of their destiny. They always show only positive traits of character — boldness, sincerity and freedom-loving. They do not tolerate lies, so next to them they are always the same as they are men. Their negative features are unevenness, which deprives them of success in their plans. To be successful in life, these people are encouraged to develop patience in themselves.

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Scorpio Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He often experiences difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex. He can be lucky, and he will meet a woman who will understand him from a half-word, or maybe not to be lucky and then he will remain alone. It should be noted that the ups and downs are normal for him phenomenon in a romantic relationship. As a rule, he himself does not suffer much from this, preferring loneliness.

With age, he becomes more sedate. He builds relationships on a business basis and usually succeeds. This ability allows him to be happy. But all this is possible only after a certain age limit. It should be noted that he passes from the romance of personal feelings to the provision of the family and takes such a position as the norm. He will not suffer from a lack of feelings and passions.

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Scorpio-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

He loves adventure and for them he is ready for a lot, so he often changes his partner, trying to find something new in each of them. It will be difficult for him to stop, if there are ordinary women around him, but if he meets someone unusual, then he will remain with only her. She will have to provide him with variety, to make this sphere a kind of holiday. He should not be bored to stay with one woman.

He loves all non-standard, so the usual classical postures are not for him. He can learn different techniques that will be actively used in practice. Perhaps they will not always be successful, but he should just feel that it could be with him. His partner should simply respond to all his desires and follow him. And then he will actively learn experience and will be happy in his own way.

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Scorpio Rat Man in Family and Marriage

In the family, he can play two roles. The first is just a husband and a father who helps the spouse achieve certain goals, brings up children. The second is a working dad. In the second case, he can not always properly allocate his duties, something does not have time. And this gives rise to discontent. He can break down on children and his wife, as it is difficult for him physically and morally to combine everything at once.

He always tries to find support in life. And such a support is often the family. He tries to create a family at an early age, but he does not always have a successful experience. The fact that he is too picky and looking for diversity, which only creates problems in creating a lasting alliance. That is why, he is best to start a family in adulthood, when he understands what he needs from an alliance with a girl.

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Rat Scorpio Man — Career and Finance

Financial well-being for these men can mean little. They are ready to share their money with all the generosity of their souls. In this case, they often do their relatives. But even this does not stop them. Career climbing is hampered by non-assembly, and inability to keep their emotions in check. At the same time, they are so talented that it is difficult not to notice them. Usually they climb the career ladder, but slowly, which contradicts their knowledge and talents.

These men need to develop patience in themselves. They should not lose heart in trouble. It is better to evaluate your capabilities and look for extraordinary ways to achieve your goal. Concentration and sociability often allow them to achieve excellent results, which they can not achieve with their diligence and talents. We must not forget about finding compromises in everything, so that life becomes a little easier.

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