Taurus Rat Man

The Taurus-Rat man is endowed with such qualities as exceptional conservatism, intelligence and practicality. He has by nature an irresistible charm, thanks to which he easily attracts the attention of people around him. With him, everyone can establish communication, since he is distinguished by kindness and responsiveness. It is impossible not to note his passion for a beautiful life full of luxury, entertainment and expensive things.

These dreamy men go so far into their fantasies that they begin to be realized. However, the realization of dreams is not carried out by itself, but only because of their persistence and strong character. They have a unique quality — their drawbacks turn into dignity. However, they are very suggestible and almost everyone can take them away from the present and right path.

By nature, these are sociable, non-friendly men. They will never use their knowledge against others. Often all their actions are carried out by the call of the heart. Therefore, they are often asked for help. They can work hard if necessary. At the same time, they fill all their actions with joy and even with jubilation. They have such a quality as the ability to rejoice in everything around them. And this makes their life much easier.

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Taurus Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Despite the fact that he likes to communicate with a variety of people — with them he always tries to stick to a certain distance. Therefore, in order to fully embrace new love in your life, it takes a certain amount of time. He often can pretend to be cold and inaccessible, while inside him is passion and love. But when he opens, he appears to be a tender and caring partner.

His lover will be surprised to notice that inside he is very soft and sensitive. It is worth noting that he gives love to an important place in his life and is ready for his loved one to quit his job and do only household chores. He is not interested in wealth and an enviable position in society — he is looking for a real soul mate who will share his views on life and adhere to approximately the same priorities.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

He is very conservative, so a woman who decided to drag him to bed, it is necessary to stock up a lot of patience. It is necessary first to certify it in its reliability and stability. He is also not ready for various experiments and new experiences. He is very important to the environment, as well as careful preparation for the evening. In view of this, he is unlikely to make love in the back seat of the car.

It is important to remember that, despite his external coldness, he is a passionate and sensitive guy. In intimate relationships, he most often does not pretend to lead, completely relying on the experience and initiative of his partner. Together with this, he does not forget to talk about his desires, so he needs a caring, affectionate and experienced girl. Only such a partner will help him open up and express his emotions and feelings.

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Taurus Rat Man in Family and Marriage

A patient and wise husband is obtained from him. He will successfully manage all household chores, correctly distributing not only finances, but also his strength and time. It is very important for him to create a cozy environment, where his wife and children will happily return, where she can receive her guests. From it turns out and a beautiful father who will devote his children all his time and teach them kindness and patience.

He can forgive a lot for his wife, but one day even his patience can burst. And then you can not be all right at once. His anger lasts long enough, and he never forgets his grievances. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the house, it is so important not to lose it. In fact, this is a very gentle and kind person, with whom one can always agree on a compromise.

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Rat Taurus Man — Career and Finance

Financial well-being for these men plays not the first role in life. They can be content with the small, but at the same time they are ready to make great achievements for the sake of the golden calf. And they do it solely for the sake of close people. As for the career, they can rise to the top positions, if they want to. Their knowledge, natural wit, ability to analyze open the way in almost any field.

These men should learn sensitivity and diplomacy especially in relation to close people. They must also form their views on life. And for this it is necessary to go a long way of self-development. They can not give up reality, on the contrary, one must immerse oneself in it, since dreams without actions remain only dreams. It is recommended to learn how to properly build relationships with people, in order to later be in a better position.

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