Virgo Rat Man

The Virgo-Rat man is very interested in the surrounding life, so he always studies all the surrounding phenomena. He is very intelligent, so he can analyze any event, people’s actions and come to a certain conclusion. He always has his own way in life. He can achieve a lot, because he is extremely prudent. He always keeps his promises, which is appreciated by his entourage.

These are intelligent and aggressive men who, with all their fervor, defend their life positions. Therefore, their lives are often full of obstacles and conflicts. However, most often they are successful because they are determined to win and want to get it at any cost. They are morally enduring, can continue to fight for their ideas with unequal forces. But all these qualities can turn out to be negative with such a strong character.

These men are born for happiness and possess all the necessary qualities for this. They are sociable and eloquent, so they can always find common topics with different people. They are endowed with many talents. Most often, when implementing ideas, they have no mercenary goals, everything is extremely honest and open on their part. But how much they measured, so much responsibility for them. If they can not be realized, then their life will be zero.

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Virgo Rat Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He does not change much in love. It is difficult to get along with him in everyday life, as he can look for reasons for discontent. Even the most joyful feelings are overshadowed by his captiousness and discontent. In rare cases, he leaves everything as is, but in most cases, strives for leadership, tries to achieve obedience partner. In addition, it is difficult for him to get used to the fact that his beloved destroys the life established by him.

All the problems of the emotional plan are surmountable if he wants to. He is too practical, so he hardly perceives any desire of his woman to have fun, to start something new. He understands how much her undertakings may not be interesting, unpromising, so he rejects their execution, even at the expense of relations. However, one should not always rely solely on sober calculation, especially in love.

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Virgo-Man, born in the Rat year, in the Bed

He can be passionate, but in rare cases, passion can grab him. As a rule, he calculates everything, so he does not seek intimate relations at the initial stage of relations. At this stage, he is not sure that his feelings are correct and reciprocated. In addition, he may be irritated by the delights in the relationship, since again this does not correspond to his practical perception of the world.

He in bed can feel a split, when the too passionate Virgo dictates to him the following principles. In addition, Rat often tries to bring practicality into this sphere. It is important for him to receive satisfaction and give it. As a result, such a split makes a certain dissonance in this sphere, which is immediately noticeable. He can be relaxed if his partner understands all his aspirations.

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Virgo Rat Man in Family and Marriage

It changes radically with the birth of children. He understands their value, puts their soul into them. His character becomes soft and supple. It is after the birth of children that he feels really happy. During this period, his relations with his wife also enter the usual rut, without shocks and emotional outbursts. And this allows him to feel happy, realized a guy.

In his youth, he may not always be happy in marriage. And the thing is that he can not remain indifferent to some of his partner’s qualities. They can irritate him, make him nervous, and he puts it all in the face, because he can not do otherwise. However, over time it becomes clear to him that only the spouse understands him with a half-word, knows how to please him. He also understands that the family is a value that should be cherished.

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Rat Virgo Man — Career and Finance

Financial interests are not part of their hobbies. They do not know how to dispose of money at all and do not aspire to it. They are not alien to building a career. They can occupy excellent positions, but they do not seek to obtain any benefits. As a result, their financial situation can not be called stable. And a career for them does not play a big role. Therefore, everything will depend on the will of the case in achieving these parameters of human happiness.

They need to take note that the power of love is capable of doing miracles. Also, it’s worth trying to just talk with other people, paying off your negative character traits. This will help them to place emphasis in the perception of other people’s thoughts and ideas. Do not be afraid that this will reduce them to the rank of ordinary men. On the contrary, such communication has other people to them. It is necessary to constantly engage in self-development to feel happy and make your loved ones happy.

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