Aquarius Rooster Man

Aquarius-Rooster man has extraordinary abilities that allow him to achieve much. But at the same time he is not diligent and always strives for new adventures. And this quality does not allow him to concentrate on one thing. As a result, to achieve something it is rather difficult for him with all the development of his nature. In love, he does not shine with patience, which also makes it impossible to create a lasting alliance in some cases.

These men are always aware of all events, can get maximum information from unexpected sources. At the same time, they are striving for well-being so much that they are ready to go by any means for the sake of it. If they do not achieve this, they are always worried and worried about this. It is important for them to be in the center of attention, although they are rather secretive men. But getting into society, they can realize their brightest acting talents.

By nature, these are strong-willed and ambitious individuals. They have great willpower, energy, which allows them to get everything from life. Going to their goal, they will never turn, no matter how tempting the road. These are intellectuals who always expand their horizons, getting maximum pleasure from it. Usually these men arouse admiration among their surroundings, as they are intelligent, rational and invariably elegant.

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Aquarius Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

It seems very strange for his chosen one. She is struck by his ability to quickly switch attention from one to another. In addition, he superficially refers to his beloved. And this can create certain difficulties in love. He is self-sufficient, so he often does not need strong ties, as he does not try to find the second half to become a single whole.

He is capable of a serious relationship, if his lover understands his complex nature and does not limit him in anything. In addition, he never clings to the girl, which also somewhat hurt his chosen one. He can give up the relationship if some idea takes more of it. That is why it is important for him to find a girl who will accept him as he is and will not demand ordinary feelings.

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Aquarius-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

He is passionate and affectionate in the intimate sphere. It can fully open up, or it may close. In this case everything will depend only on him. In addition, the lady of this fickle man should be extremely attentive to his desires, as this is the key to success in his domestication. He loves everything new and unusual, so he needs a variety in intimate life.

He calmly accepts the proposal of the partner to fantasize, try something new. He is interested in everything, and he may even be interested in special literature. And if she will not be against new experiments, then as a result he will become attached to his chosen one. However, it is impossible to force him to do something, as this will not lead to anything. As a rule, he will simply part. That is, everything will depend on his mood.

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Aquarius Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

In a marriage union, he can be quite happy if he is not restricted in freedom and the opportunity to realize himself. In this case, the family most often reigns harmony and peace, when everyone understands the other. He does not resist having children, so often there are always children in the family. He will deal with them from time to time, instilling in them only certain qualities inherent in him.

The understanding of marriage relations is somewhat different from the standard understanding. He always strives for freedom and the ability to chase after any dream when he wants it. And in a marriage this is impossible, so he rarely seeks to create a serious relationship. He always refuses to have a serious relationship if he feels that his girlfriend is trying to impose on him something that is alien to him or not suitable.

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Rooster Aquarius Man — Career and Finance

Financial well-being plays an important role for them. They do not think their life without receiving all the benefits. If this does not happen, they will actively look for ways to do this. As a result, they make a career or open their own business. And this gives them the opportunity to get a luxurious existence. Often material overpowers all other qualities, as they tend to welfare more than anything.

They are encouraged to develop a system of values that must be followed. In this case, they can feel more comfortable. Having chosen a certain path, do not descend from it. Tips and recommendations of close people should be taken with all the attention, as this can prove to be a valuable experience. These men are unique, and you do not need to be shy about this quality, it’s better to show it to others.

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