Aries Rooster Man

The Aries-Rooster man is intelligent and astute, handsome and graceful, which can not help to attract crowds of fans to him. However, in love, he shows some coldness and detachment. He chooses his beloved ones for love, but if he is disappointed, but at an older age he will choose only on the material solvency of the partner. At the same time, he can be quite happy even with someone who does not have feelings.

In the life of these men there are many difficulties, but they all overcome with ease. They are practical, but these qualities do not make them dishonest or dishonest. These men are endowed with a vivid imagination, which they can fully embody in life. They are always busy with something, not a minute of life is wasted. And as a result they are always in a good financial and personal position. They are surrounded by loyal friends and close men.

Strong, strong and purposeful people are born. They are hardworking, and a developed intuition allows them to make correct decisions. These men easily communicate with other people, as they understand how to build relationships. And this is another plus for the realization of certain life goals. The ability to calculate and analyze every situation saves them from fatal errors.

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Aries Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he burns like a bright torch, but he also quickly fades as a torch if he sees the partner’s shortcomings. In addition, he is often too assertive and intimate to hold a woman next to him, they are simply frightened of such activity. And sometimes he does not restrain his language, behaves aggressively, although he must be restrained. But he can not complain that he is not loved.

The principle of choosing a lover is often based on feelings, but then he becomes convinced that such a choice was wrong. With the age goes another way, does not feel feelings and chooses partner on the availability of material benefits. He will also pay attention to her feelings, they are obligatory for him. Usually he does not express any emotions, looks unfeeling. But you can be sure that he has a friendship for this girl, but not love.

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Aries-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

Bedding for him is only a component of love, as he seeks spiritual unity. If he achieves such a relationship with a partner, then all spheres, including intimate relations, will be permeated with understanding, friendliness and love. A woman who finds such a man will be happy, as she will get a kind, affectionate and intimate partner. With such a woman, he will be ready for all feats in bed, giving her unearthly sensations.

In bed, this guy is sensual and passionate. He loves long caresses and appreciates the inventiveness of a partner. Often subordinates a partner in love games, as it impresses him. He does not try to please the lover, but he readily accepts her caresses. In addition, to the intimacy, he pushes his girlfriend herself. He is credited with many novels, but in fact, he is sufficiently selective and attentive to the women.

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Aries Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

In marriage, he is quite flexible, takes the desire of the wife in consideration, always listen to advice. That is why marriage with him is often very happy. For his peace of mind, it is important to feel the care of his wife, her attention. With her, he should feel comfortable. In return, he will pay attention to her, taking care of the comfort of the house and the farm. Becoming a legitimate husband, he rarely criticizes his wife, and she will be proud of him.

In marriage, trying to impose their opinion, can be quick-tempered or make an independent decision, despite its absurdity and even stupidity. He is quite a fighting guy, so his wife will have to adhere to certain rules. Over time, he ceases to be so fighting, but for this he needs a girl who will listen to him and show him attention.

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Rooster Aries Man — Career and Finance

Career for them is not an empty phrase. From an early age, they are aimed at creating a solid base, which helps them to subsequently solve their goals and objectives. They are smart and perceptive, so they can choose the sphere of activity that will reveal all their talents. Financially they are safe. This can be their direct merit, or the ability to find the language with the right people. But whatever the means, and they are always honest, they achieve a good position.

These men are recommended to learn tact and delicacy. At some points, there is no need to argue, but rather to retreat. It is worthwhile to understand that they are not always powerful and invincible. You can not consider your opinion as the last instance. Everything can change, and if advice is given to others, they can make a serious mistake. It is worth learning to live with the flow, as this will help to relax and look around.

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