Cancer Rooster Man

Cancer-Rooster man is a person with whom it is very pleasant to spend time together, enjoying life and any of its manifestations. He is very sociable, sociable and cheerful, so he always has many friends and acquaintances. He can be entrusted with any secret or problem, since he treats everyone with understanding and can help with good and wise advice. One can not fail to note his compassion, which is also expressed very clearly.

They are men who cause confusion among others. They often pretend to be very different personalities, easily changing their masks. They will be able to develop a variety of qualities of character at their request. If they develop good character traits, then fate will be supportive of them. Otherwise, they are waiting for misfortune and disappointment, because the punishment will be as severe as the reward.

They are independent and original men. They possess powerful and impenetrable armor, which protects them from all adversities. They seem soft and kind, but they are difficult to manage. These men are determined and consistent, therefore they always achieve their goals. Temperamentality can prevent them from establishing contacts. They should develop in themselves the confidence and ability to see the true motives of men.

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Cancer Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

It is simply impossible not to fall in love with it. He carefully watches his appearance and likes to wear beautiful things, standing out amongst others around him. As a rule, he has many boyfriends, who are attracted by his sociability, cheerful nature and unusual behavior. However, he does not hurry everyone to open his heart, preferring to wait for his princess, created by him in his youth and living only in his dreams.

If he falls in love, he tries to establish the closest possible relationship. This is not the kind of person who will hide something from his lover. At the same time, he does not like to interfere with anyone in his personal relationships, preferring to solve all issues independently. He believes that love should be built on complete trust and if his partner betrays him, he will be very disappointed and unlikely to be able to continue the relationship.

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Cancer-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

He very much likes to show off, which is fully expressed in bed. He loves admiration and admiration, which must come from his mistress. He prefers that a woman should spend careful preparation for a romantic evening, paying attention to every little thing. So he loves when she cooks for him an exquisite dinner, lights candles, turns on relaxing music and does not forget to put in new sheets and will meet him fully armed.

In intimate relationships, he does not like to lead, although from time to time he can offer something new. But in general, he is quite a large conservative, so decide to radically change can only with a reliable and proven partner. He prefers not to discuss bed relations with others and demands the same from his mistress. Otherwise, you can not count on his mercy.

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Cancer Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

A marriage of convenience does not fit into his concepts at all. In this regard, he is completely unselfish and looks for himself only such a partner who can understand him. Fortunately, he has a fairly easy character, so getting along with him under one roof will not be such a difficult task. Family for him is very important in all respects, so he will try to fulfill all household duties.

With all relatives, he maintains an even and good relationship. However, from time to time, he can show unbearable stubbornness, especially at the domestic level. On this ground, there may be minor disagreements. True happiness in his life comes with the advent of children. He is able to give them all his attention and surround him with love and maximum attention. But he does not forget to give them the necessary freedom.

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Rooster Cancer Man — Career and Finance

The career plans of these men are always clear to them. Usually they work in the creative sphere, because they have the necessary characteristics for this. They are not difficult to reach heights, but they must see the final result of their efforts in advance. These men are stable finances. They know how to make money and often have several sources of income. These men are important material side of life, so they are eager for this by all means.

They are encouraged to learn communication. Being able to make contacts, they can arrange their lives better. To take into account the interests of other people and fulfill obligations will be the main lesson of life. Honesty and decency for them are also important qualities. In love, you need to be more determined not to miss your chance to be happier. Self-confidence is also an important quality that you need to learn.

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