Capricorn Rooster Man

Capricorn-Roosters men are confident individuals who, in all their decisions, rely only on their opinion. They like to be in the center of attention, but unlike other people do it not because of their physical beauty, but their mind and special talents. This immediately sets them apart from the masses. At the same time, they are serious enough, responsible and always set goals that they try to achieve in their life.

They are bright and cheerful people. Since their birth, they are sociable and attract people. Having versatile talents, they please the people with interesting expressions of different ideas. They are lucky, but luck is a temporary matter in their case. Therefore, they should philosophically treat the difficulties and obstacles. Everything in their life is cyclical, and this means that failure will soon be replaced by luck.

These are bright strategists who try to put everything under control. They change the life itself, and then wonder why their plans do not come true. They should accept the idea that life is moving, and they are floating along its current, making small efforts. To make titanic efforts and swim against everything is not the most successful solution. Otherwise, their character traits will allow them to achieve good results in life.

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Capricorn Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is distrustful of love. He tries to figure everything out, which is not always possible to do. Therefore, deserving his attention to the opposite sex will be quite difficult. In addition, he does not like dependence and prefers to show his independence in everything. This is another reason why he can not always build his personal life in the best way.

Despite this, he is very emotional, and flushed feelings can even catch him off guard. He tries to control them, but this is not always obtained from him. He is perfectly suited to a calm and caring partner who will listen to all his needs and needs. In turn, he can prove himself as a loved and caring person who will help to cope with all the difficulties in life.

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Capricorn-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

Intimate relationships for him allow you to express your feelings and love. However, at first it will be difficult for him to learn how to express them with the help of the body language. The fact is that he is accustomed to experiencing all of his feelings more with his mind and logic than completely abandoning his passion. All his feelings he tries to drown, believing that this way he shows his weakness. To get rid of this, only an attentive mistress will help him.

Another of its characteristic features is a love of narcissism and special attention, even a certain honor. As in everything in his life, in bed he prefers stability and reliability. Therefore, he may not taste the desire of his partner to change something in bed and try new relationships. In this issue, he is quite conservative, on the basis of which certain misunderstandings and difficulties in relations can arise.

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Capricorn Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

I must say that getting along with him under one roof is not an easy task. This is a person who is accustomed in everything to rely only on their desires and preferences, so may not take into account the feelings of his partner. In particular, this applies to his life, which he tries to arrange in the best and most convenient way for him. Adjust with him can only a girl who does not particularly strive for power.

On the other hand, it gives a fairly good owner, who will monitor the cleanliness and order in his house. He is responsible, therefore he will never leave his family without money for food. This is a loving and considerate father, giving his children a maximum of his time. However, he likes to use totalitarian methods of upbringing, which is not the best for them. He needs to show great gentleness towards them.

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Rooster Capricorn Man — Career and Finance

Career for them can mean a lot, but to achieve certain results they should carefully choose the scope of activities. They have different talents, but best of all they can be realized in the creative sphere. Financially they are always stable, do not depend on the surrounding men. Material wealth plays an important role for these men, so they try to do everything to get good results.

These men are encouraged to drift more with the flow. Fate is not a punishing hand, but something that can make life better. It is necessary to try to be realized in many spheres, as this will help to achieve good results. To build a life it is necessary so that dreams do not drag out from a gray reality in the fictional world. More faith in themselves, in their luck and fate will not prevent them in their self-realization and development.

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