Leo Rooster Man

The Leo-Rooster man is the personification of a unique inner harmony. Rarely his actions contradict his inner state and desires. He was used to clearly set goals and move towards them. For this, he has all the necessary qualities: activity, endurance and diligence. That is why, he always achieves his own, which it would not cost him. True, these goals are sometimes overpriced, but he will still cope with them.

They are especially purposeful individuals. They always achieve their goals. These men can spend many years on one goal, but at the same time they will certainly bring the matter to the end. They do not tolerate any kind of pressure, so their environment often suffers from angry attacks. In their life they attract complicated ways, which are only for their joy.

By nature, these are strong and determined personalities. They never give up their goals. The most important quality can be considered diligence, which they achieve a lot. High intelligence combined with perseverance gives stunning results. They have a heightened sense of justice, loyalty and loyalty to their friends and close people. The powerful energy given to them is always spent only on useful things.

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Leo Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is always open to new adventures and love. He likes the process of courtship when he can feel like a real prince. He knows his own worth and is selective enough in choosing his partner. But sometimes he has problems with self-esteem, which can become too high. This quality often prevents him from building personal relationships and finding a worthy partner.

In love, this is a very emotional and generous partner. He does not stint on his feelings, which endows his beloved. Girls are attracted and his cheerful disposition, due to which he often gets out of the most difficult life situations. The only thing that they may not like is his love of leadership. He likes to make his own decisions and to use his freedom freely, which not everyone will like.

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Leo-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

Intimate relationships play an important role for him. By means of them he can express himself, tell about his feelings and emotions. Here he feels like a fish in the water, easily exciting a woman only by his methods. Such charm and special skills he received from nature itself and can skillfully use them. In addition to the standards, he also loves a new experience, which can be easily solved.

As in everything in his life, in this sphere he prefers to lead. He likes to direct his partner, adjusting it to his needs. Accordingly, this is not always necessary to the liking of the girls. Therefore, he needs a bright and emotional girl who can lead him. To impress him, you can prepare a romantic candlelight dinner, which he will definitely appreciate.

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Leo Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

Despite all his love for independence and freedom, he is willing to marry. From it a good master is obtained, who will be able to manage with all domestic chores skillfully. He is also a caring and loving husband. But he himself also has his own requirements, which his wife should fulfill. In this matter, he is quite categorical and if his efforts are not taken into account, he will certainly remind them.

He is used to commanding, so he will try to keep all household chores under his tight control. In view of all this, on the domestic level, serious disagreements may occur. The same behavior, he adheres to his children, sometimes too hard on them and giving excessive custody. All this is done out of good motives, but leads only to misunderstandings and difficulties in communication.

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Rooster Leo Man — Career and Finance

Career for them is the only sphere in which they can realize all their talents. They tend to achieve the best with their own work and skills. When making a career, they rarely think about welfare and often get it as a bonus to their efforts. They easily and simply achieve stability, and in some cases even luxury. All this makes their life prosperous, in which only it is necessary to attach personal happiness.

They are recommended to learn tolerance and patience with other people. Another’s opinion, the point of view should be simply listened to, it is not necessary to accept it. They should seriously struggle with the complexes in order to get rid of unmaintenance, isolation. You can not be afraid of men and noisy companies, because it’s wrong. In addition, in companies they can find common ground on interests and work.

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