Libra Rooster Man

The Libra-Rooster man stands out with his innate eloquence, that’s why he likes to be in the center of attention. It will not be difficult to get acquainted with him, and also to establish communication, because he is very sociable and can speak literally on any topic. But, at the same time he is not used to deceive and compose fairy tales. He tries to find the truth in everything and bring it to others. And he does it very skillfully and beautifully.

These men resemble soldiers. They are closed, constrained and do everything according to the rules. The slightest deviation from the rules can plunge them into horror. If someone does something wrong, they easily break off the relationship. They do not value those who do not live like they do. An alien viewpoint for these men is unacceptable if it is not consonant with their opinion. The difficulty of this perception is that they remain alone.

Hidden and unmusical, they amaze with their pedantry and desire to see order in everything. This makes them harsh, harsh and incomprehensible to others. In fact, all this comes from their insecurity. They do not believe in their strength, their skills and knowledge. All the time they have doubts about the correctness of their decisions, therefore, a certain elaborated code is a kind of protection for them.

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Libra Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

If you get acquainted with it, it will not be so difficult, then, in order to move to a new level of communication, it will take some time. Despite his sociability, he does not let every woman in his inner world. Perhaps on the first dates he will look too shy and even taciturn. So he studies a woman and already makes a decision for himself, to be with her or not.

Unlike other guys, he does not rush into relationships and prefers that they develop calmly and smoothly. He loves reliability and stability, which he shows himself. To his beloved, he treats very patiently and does not try to change it. On the contrary, he is inclined to accept her as she is. However, he demands all these qualities from her, and if this does not happen, then he can calmly leave.

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Libra-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

He needs time to create the appropriate environment, to make a decision and so on. It is then that he can blossom a lush bouquet and together with him you can experience all the shades of feelings. But for a romantic evening he needs to prepare in advance, which is very important for him. If this does not happen, then he can not completely immerse himself in sensations and relax. So do not even dream that he will make love to you in an unfamiliar place.

As in love, in intimate relations, he prefers not to rush. He likes the period of preparation and foreplay, which, at his request, should last as long as possible. He needs a special affection, attention and love from the partner. In intimate relationships, he does not pretend to be the main roles, preferring to give the whole initiative to the hands of his partner and adjust to her needs.

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Libra Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

This is an understanding partner who knows the measure in everything. In addition, in all complex problems, he does not lose his head and can make cold-blooded decisions. That’s why often his wife often resorts to his advice, but also other relatives. From it turns out and a beautiful father who will devote to the upbringing of his children a lot of time. Often for the sake of the family, he can even sacrifice his hobbies and career.

It is more reliable than a partner, than he simply can not find. Even if the marriage does not suit him, he is unlikely to decide on betrayal, remaining faithful to his wife. However, not every girl can take him home, because it’s hard to get along with him. He likes to command, and also to insist on his own. But all this is compensated by his love, which he gives without limit to his lover, as well as sincere care shown to her.

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Rooster Libra Man — Career and Finance

These men are divided into two categories, which reach an excellent position and are pursued by failure. The first type perfectly copes with its complexes, and the second is enslaved by them. Accordingly, the first type is always stable financially, can get maximum privileges from life. The second type can not even achieve stability, it’s losers in its pure form — without a career and financial well-being.

All your actions should be done consistently. Only the forward movement will help them to reach a good position, and also cope with all the complexes. In any situation, they should look for something joyous and funny, so as not to get discouraged. They should learn to build relationships, deviating from the rules. Only in this case they can be in the center of attention of many men, feel loved and necessary.

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